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The Provocative Art of gilf!

Brooklyn-based artist, activist, and curator GILF! has something to say. Her works confront social issues with a definitive tone. Whether she is creating awareness or offering solutions, the immediacy and urgency with which she presents her point of view is impossible to ignore. 246 more words

Art Exhibiton

I'm a Creep...

You ever look at a granny and be like “DAAAMMMMMMMMMMMN!!!!!!!!!! I’ll drink your bath water”. These grannies (milfs too) be sooo looking delicious. Be making me question my morals. 34 more words

A little story about Space and Time

We are bound by space and time. I am not a mystic or a believer of a higher power, but I understand why people make the leap of faith as it pertains to physics. 1,258 more words


Big Booty Milf

This sexy big booty Milf have her grove going on. With her work out outfit on , bending over doggy position like yoga. You already know another pic for the fans who love an big booty milf, an UK Big Booty Milf ;) . 15 more words


The true cost of being a 'Yes Man'.

We finally made it to Perpignan. Any previous notion that we might have crossed from coast to coast on our wits alone had been abandoned. We had hiked for 7 days, and our friendship had nearly fallen apart. 1,591 more words


I'm a Noni!

Part One

On Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 9:50am I became a grandmother. I’m not even going to attempt to write about what that feels like. 482 more words