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Ang Biblia ay Maaaring Pagbatayan ng Kaalamang Pang-Agham


Paniniwalang Protestante na Biblia ang tanging pinagmumulan ng katotohanang panrelihiyon at ang pag-unawa rito ay bubukal ayon sa kalooban ng Espirito Santo na isinusugo upang maging Patnubay.  1,660 more words

Quest or Journey?

At the end of Tablet 3 in the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s upcoming trip is referred to as a quest. I have always been fascinated with the difference between a journey and a quest, probably because I love traveling and want to correctly identify what type of endeavor I am taking. 219 more words

The Epic of Emily

I am epic and my life is an epic (honestly probably know but this seemed like a good place to start). I have started reading the Epic of Gilgamesh for the second time in my life. 317 more words

Favorite 1 The Great Deception

Synopsis of January 01, 2012…….. The Great Deception

The Mighty Hunter Returns
Genesis 10:8-9: ― “Nimrod was the first on earth to become a mighty warrior. 791 more words

Genetic Manipulation

More of a Wanderer Than I've Ever Been

It was during my intro to scriptures class that I started really questioning everything I believed.  I learned about epic stories such as Gilgamesh that predate any biblical writings but are very similar to Bible stories such as creation and Noah.   619 more words


Language's Power: time travel

In my previous post, Language’s Power: across the universe, I mentioned the power of language to create and transmit images across time and space, a… 717 more words

Poetry And Translation


I love action; action films are my absolute favorite to watch in movie theaters. The cheesier the action film the better the fight scenes are typically – despite how crappy the story is the action to me is always well worth my time. 333 more words

30 Day Anime Challenge