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Om, Sumerians and the Sumero/Tamil Connection

If you’re a Sumerian geek you may truly get a kick out of what I found today browsing the internet:  a reference to OM/AUM in Hymn 31 of the Sumerian chants on a blog called… 444 more words

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Eden's Eve, Her Pre-Biblical Origins: Mesopotamia P.1 ~ Youtube

Uploaded on Oct 1, 2009
Professional PhD Scholars since 1898 have proposed that Eve has several pre-biblical protagonists in earlier Mesopotamian myths: (1) Shamhat/Ukhat and (2) Inanna/Ishtar of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and (3) NinTi of the Sumerian Paradise called Dilmun. 31 more words

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Summer log: May – August 2014 reviews

Alas! At last!

I have spent the last year or so embracing a timely quarter life crisis. It suffices to say that procrastination got the better end over productivity, especially when it comes to polished productions. 1,033 more words


Review of "Like Mayflies in a Stream" by Shauna Roberts and Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Overall 4 Stars

Performance 3 Stars

Story 4 Stars

“Really good story but narrator not my favorite!”

Would you listen to Like Mayflies in a Stream again? 256 more words

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Reading Genesis 1-3 Pt. 3 – The Fall Narrative

In this blog post, we look at the Fall narrative, especially with regards to other mythologies of the Ancient Near East.

The usual suspects of Adam, Eve, and the serpent are in attendance, but an unexpected visitor makes an appearance… 930 more words



Hades looked at the barren earth and

with His strong hand He spread
the brown to the right and
to the left the red bloody… 96 more words

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Fate's Gilgamesh and Derem@s' ShibuRin Voice Bizan Ropeway Guide Announcers

The Bizan Ropeway at the 14th Machi Asobi event features the voice guidance of Seki Tomokazu (in-character as Gilgamesh from Fate/stay night ) and Fukuhara Ayaka (in-character as Shibuya Rin from… 30 more words