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Star Wars, Far Far Away, and a Long Time Ahead

There’s a wonderful and terrifying play by Anne Washburn entitled Mr Burns: a Post-Electric Play, which envisions a world after the apocalypse. You know the one, The Apocalypse. 1,111 more words


Ah, bad guys, baddies, antagonists, scum of the earth. You can’t help but just love a good bad guy. The worse they are, the more we’re drawn to them, even when they end up dying you can’t help but feel a tiny bit sad they’re gone, but at the same time you’re like yes! 606 more words


Final Fantasy XV's First DLC Pits Gladio Against Gilgamesh

(Source: kotaku.com)

If you, like many Final Fantasy XV players, have been wondering just what happened to Gladiolus when he mysteriously left your party in Chapter 6, here’s your answer: Episode Gladiolus, which comes out on March 28. 79 more words


Lusting for the Hero

Among the tropes or story-types shared between the Bible and pagan mythologies is the story of the lustful female who is refused by the hero. The earliest such account is in the Epic of Gilgamesh, tablet VI. 1,855 more words


The First Queen in Recorded Human History?

Meet Kubaba. She’s a Sumerian Queen.

Although it’s been a while since I’ve been working on my Sumerian project, all the same interesting information about Sumerian culture keeps on trickling in to me. 698 more words

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Muinaisuus kiinnostaa 2: Sankaritaruja ja synkkiä käänteitä

Kiinnostukseni muinaista Lähi-itää kohtaan juontuu niin kaukaa lapsuudestani, etten täysin hahmota kaikkia sen syitä. Jossain vaiheessa huomasin, että rautakautinen Assyria on kiehtova arvoitus: samaan aikaan sekä tieteen ja taiteen tyyssija että sotapropagandan, imperialismin ja ankaran kurin kyllästämä pakkoyhteiskunta. 279 more words