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The Destruction of Gilgamesh at the Mosul Museum and Why It's about so Much More than Artifacts

The sad part of this story is that neither ISIS nor anyone in the West really understands the importance of Gilgamesh. I ruminate about this extensively in my upcoming book, … 234 more words


6/ The Empty Space...

Can’t remember now, but we probably didn’t go into our new home on New Year’s Day, 1972. Or maybe on the 2nd  –  Tweede Nuwejaar (Second New Year  – a Cape tradition, for non-South African readers) .   514 more words

The Space

Gilgamesh Soundtracks

Hi folks!  For fun today, you’re going to be creating a soundtrack for key scenes and characters from the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Okay, soundtrack time… 6 more words

Cradles Of Civilization

“Gilgamesh reigned over Uruk…”

Yes! The Kyoudai Press has a NEW chapbook out. It’s our shortest book so far and the first in a series inspired by Brazil’s Literatura de Cordel… 157 more words

Hero's Journey Project

Hi Class!  To start, you’re going to apply what you learned about the hero’s journey to the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Get with your table groups to discuss. 16 more words

Cradles Of Civilization

The Hero's Journey

Today, you’re going to learn about the Hero’s Journey.  Here’s the Google Presentation.

Cradles Of Civilization