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Gilgamesh: explained

Thanks to my friends for bringing my attention to this awesome video about my favorite historical character.  Enjoy…


Let’s Play Civ 6 Sumeria Part 1 A First Look At Gilgamesh & Sumeria

Civilization 6 is finaly out! In this let s play of Civ 6 we will be playing as Gilgamesh of Sumeria in our quest to achieve victory against the other civilizations. 20 more words

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

When the Ebola controversy was still stirring in Dallas during the Fall of 2014, Brother Tony and I had a conversation about how his co-workers were panicking about it. 2,097 more words


Those Funny, Funky Flood Myths

Alright kiddos, let’s jam. Let’s start this shindig off with a bang. Hit ’em with a truth-nuke, as I always say. Yeah, that’s right…

…I wanna talk about the Great Flood. 6,903 more words



Sailor Vs Lifeguard day was a spirit day at school for homecoming week. Me and few other friends decked out in stripes to represent sailors. Of course, we had to take the classic brick wall pictures to document our day. 81 more words


Demons (1985)

Lamberto Bava’s Demons (1985) is a much more enjoyable film than it probably has any right to be. It’s essentially an Italian knock-off of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981), except that the action is moved to a movie theater, and the zombies are unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace through a horror movie that the characters watch. 887 more words


Negotiating with the Dead: Atwood on Writing

I’m not a scholar or a literary theoretician, and any such notions that have wandered into this book have got there by the usual writerly methods, which resemble the ways o the jackdaw: we steal the shiny bits, and build them into the structures of our own disorderly nests.

521 more words