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Follow Up

This will probably a part two from my last post, but anyways, like I said on Wednesday in class, I truly believe that Beowulf is an asshole. 182 more words

The Epic Of Gilgamesh In Sumerian

Enjoy the following few lines of the Gilgamesh as it would had sounded in Sumerian

General Information


During our lives we have heard some really neat stories. Does this story sound familiar.
Carpenters, reed workers, and other people assembled one morning.
Five days later, the exterior walls of the boat of 120 cubits were laid out. 660 more words

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Were Named Gilgamesh?

Let’s get right to it. Say “Gilgamesh” aloud. Okay, now say it again. Fun right? Yeah, me too. I’ve been sitting around just saying “Gilgamesh” over and over. 290 more words

Quote of the day

“[I]n the old Babylonian Gilgamesh epic, the hero searches for the plant of immortality. He finally finds it after great struggles in his wandering in worlds beyond and in the dim past; then he loses the priceless plant on his return journey, through a little carelessness when bathing. 62 more words

How to make heroes and heroines from stuff there on your desk

The oldest plot of all could be the one where a monster torments everybody until someone steps from the crowd, faces up to the monster in an unfair fight and slays it. 1,801 more words

Mythic realities

When we avoid the popular notion of myth as a fairytale and understand it as a means for accessing deep universal meaning that can only be conveyed in symbol and story, we are getting closer to truth. 136 more words