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There are poems for just about everything–
From the most rudimentary and banal
to the highest sacred love.

Poems that last years to read are epic, 69 more words


World Mythology Minipedia

World Mythology Minipedia

Subject/Topic:  “Encompassing well-known characters such as Thor, Zeus and Krishna, as well as less familiar mythologies.”

Format:   Hardcover.

# Pages:  320 pages… 159 more words

Fairy Tales

Favorite Antagonist

“A gentleman is, rather than does.”

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 17 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘favorite antagonist’.

Honestly, there are a lot of antagonists out there that I really enjoy in games because they are either humorous or because they really do have a good story as to why they are an antagonist and not all of them are necessarily ‘evil’. 509 more words

Found Scenes: The Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, looked across the living room at his sulking best friend and adoptive brother. Enkidu was sitting on the couch, eyes on his phone, chin to his chest, palpably downcast. 839 more words


Theology, Apologetics, and Twitter

So I thought I would write this post to talk about some points raised by people I was discussing the validity of Christianity with on Twitter.  831 more words


O Muse!

This week’s video and blog is celebrating classic epic-style poetry.  Though this is not the easiest type of poetry for the modern reader, this video attempts to prove that sometimes it’s fun to get ‘lost in the translation’ be that from the ancient languages that much of this poetry comes from or due to the cultural and literary differences between that long, long time ago and our current day. 577 more words


The Story in Paintings: The Flood

A great flood is one of the most common elements in most mythologies. Floods appear in several variations across many quite different mythologies, and are a popular subject for depiction in European and non-European paintings. 1,782 more words