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Power: For Better or Worse

(October 2017, Ancients, “Power in Gilgamesh”)

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and builds, with no concrete set of characteristics that signal such.  With that said, while the perception of what makes a hero so is unclear even at best, it tends to be evident when it is seen. 

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Meteor: "Ally When Convenient" (Book One)

“Ally When Convenient”

By: Jeffrey MacLean

Copyright 2014


Imagine a world exactly like your own except for one single detail. You will never understand this reality except on its own terms, but we can broach the concept through a phrase like “perpendicular reality”: it is parallel except for that one detail that bisects both worlds. 82,527 more words

The Bench Warder (Mage The Hero Denied #4)

Mage the Hero Denied #4
Writer: Matt Wagner
Artist: Matt Wagner
Cover Artist: Matt Wagner
Colorist: Brennan Wagner
Publisher: Image Comics

Fearing the inevitable battle would reach his family, Kevin has taken to the road to draw away his assailants.

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The Great Myths #6: Enkidu in the Underworld (Mesopotamian)

[Amid the long illness that leads to Enkidu’s death:]

As for Enkidu, his mind was troubled,
he lay on his own and began to ponder. 423 more words


Thoughts on Gilgamesh

The terror first kicked in sometime in my teens. I remember being in my room listening to The Doors so you could say it was my own fault but suddenly it hit me. 350 more words


Dreams & Distant Places: Chapter 10

I see a black orb with an ultraviolet halo.

Then we blink back into existence

WOAH! WHY? NO! HOW? NO? WHEN? WHERE? WHAT! RAGE!…*exasperated gasping* 2,839 more words

Dreams And Distant Places

Speculative Poetry: Past, Present, and Future

Über-polymath Richard H. Fay is back this week.  Over the past few weeks, he’s shown his deep knowledge of occult subjects, but this week gives us a beautifully-researched glimpse into the world of speculative poetry, from Gilgamesh to today.    2,321 more words