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July loot: Gil + Play Arts Kai Cloud & Tifa

Let’s start with the most disappointing thing I’ve bought in a while lol… 831 more words


The Complete History of the Middle East - Part 1: Sumerian Civilization

(quick) Prologue 2.0

Below is a timeline I made of the entire history of the Middle East, starting from the beginning of time to now. 2,338 more words


Notice & Note, then Write: A Blueprint

I’ve been doing more thinking about how to use Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading to invite students to write. Since my last post… 1,700 more words

Tricia Ebarvia

Making of The Fall of Shuruppak

I have always been fascinated by the Epic of Gilgamesh.  The link between the biblical flood and the events in the epic became even more intriguing when the evidence of floods during the third millennium BCE was dug up by the archaeologists in the Mesopotamian cities of Ur and Shuruppak among others.  1,686 more words

Gilgamesh Haiku

Gilgamesh lives now
A great tyranny arises
Love can heal his pain


The origin of the flood

Flood is like a trauma for all of the nations in the history. It is mentioned in the stories or in the sacred books. We read in the sacred books how a man called Noah and his family were saved from the flood with the help of the “God”. 1,424 more words