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About that death/writing thing

Driving the road that clings to the south side of our hill I notice the round bright moon over newly-gleaned cornfields and find myself thinking about the last essay in… 733 more words


Books: The Epic of Gilgamesh

 What another world this ancient text is. Found on tablets dating back 4000 years, this ancient epic takes its reader back to the dawn of recorded history and mythology. 628 more words


It's Superman - The Superhero and Society

Superman emerged in 1930’s USA. It was depression era and the nation was in crisis. On top of all the economic woes another threat loomed large, war. 2,316 more words

Book Review

Gilgamesh nendoroid #410

Hello everyone!

Today a short review of another male nendoroid.
It’s Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night.

This is what we get

So, 2 faceplates, a few hands, the gate of babylon,  some weapons including Ea and a golden jar. 157 more words

Fat Ladies, Receipts, Recipes, and Love Talk

“Two Fat Ladies” is a delightful BBC cooking show featuring a couple of chubby upper-crust cooks who cruise around on a sidecar motorcycle visiting famous sites in Britain where they ostentatiously drawupon “receipts” to prepare culinary feasts. 664 more words


Q. Profile how the human search for the meaning of life can been seen in one ancient myth

A Myth is a story created by ancient people which expresses their understanding of and beliefs about their world. The human search for meaning and values can be seen in The Myth of Gilgamesh. 261 more words

Leaving Cert Religion

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A Feeling for What I Write
by Randall Allen

“Me and Sinclair” was an assignment for a World Literature II course that I took in Spring, 2015. 2,768 more words