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Finn the Human Boy: a Modern Gilgamesh

I’ve been trying to learn a little more about graphic novels–a literary genre that I have almost no experience with–and pulled from the public library shelf… 578 more words

Musings And Ponderation

Conrad in the Underworld

Following yesterday, here is Book 31 from To the House of the Sun, and my version of the Underworld journey.

In Books 29 and 30, Conrad has spent the winter of 1865 communing with the ghosts of the Donner Party at Donner Lake; but upon seeing his starved body suddenly rejuvenating, they flee, and he begins to sink through the earth. 2,505 more words


Holy Crap!

STOP THE PRESSES: Noah’s Ark has been found and rock circles prove God created the Earth.

The idea that the Ark and rock circles prove the literal six-day creation cycle is just some of the “evidence” that Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich, a Democrat by the way, recently offered to support his unconstitutional law that would mandate creationism be taught in Louisiana public schools. 1,406 more words

Progressive Christianity

My book review of 'Ancient and Epic Tales from Around the World' by Heather Forest

Ancient and Epic Tales from around the world by Heather Forest

This a beautifully written book of epic tales from around the world. Some, including Aesop’s Fables, or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were familiar to me, but there were several that were new to me, such as Mwindo’s journey, an African tale. 72 more words

Janey Colbourne

News on my Spiritual Journey: May 7, 2016

Plans for budgeting Spirituality Costs

Last month I spent a lot of money on Spirituality. In the form of both Bashar and Bentinho. Lets just say, I got a little carried away. 783 more words



There are poems for just about everything–
From the most rudimentary and banal
to the highest sacred love.

Poems that last years to read are epic, 69 more words


World Mythology Minipedia

World Mythology Minipedia

Subject/Topic:  “Encompassing well-known characters such as Thor, Zeus and Krishna, as well as less familiar mythologies.”

Format:   Hardcover.

# Pages:  320 pages… 176 more words

Fairy Tales