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I’m quite excited about some recent acquisitions I’ve made. Check out these additions to my personal library:

Folk and Fairy Tales (Critical Theory)


Children’s Literature… 61 more words

Word Weaver

韻文: ギルガメッシュ [Verse: Gilgamesh | Fate/Zero]

Shall we bow to the King of Heroes?

But a single name whispered in the annals of history. The strength of its resounding power is still enough to shake the very foundations of the world and force open the gates of ancient Babylonia. 175 more words

Character Verse

Terrafusion :: Chapter Six

The first thing she did was investigate the room opposite the balcony’s entrance, but it was merely a closet. Next, she went back into the tunnel with the small lamp she took from the hallway where she witnessed the terrible act and went down the left-hand path. 2,441 more words


Fate/Stay Night UBW Episode 23-24

“Unlimited Blade Works”

Saturdays at 1:30 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

Our heroes invade Ryudo Temple to stop Gil’s evil scheme and (for some reason) save Shinji. 492 more words


The Walls of Gilgamesh

We encounter our hero, king Gilgamesh, plagued by dreams and haunted by the prospect of dying a forgotten man. Gilgamesh, the Apollonian counterpart to his Dionysian friend and comrade, Enkidu, is given immense power over his city, Uruk. 520 more words


Genesis and Gilgamesh on Divinity

London, October 2010.

Genesis from the Bible and Gilgamesh translated by Andrew George present the idea of divinity differently in terms of divine power, how divine figures resemble human nature, and the impact of divinity on humanity. 959 more words


On Gilgamesh

To continue what I started with Emiya Shirou, I will try and extend the same courtesy to yet another overgeneralized character from the Unlimited Blade Works series. 934 more words