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Recap: X-FILES Goes Back to Basics

Season 10, episode 3: “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

In this week’s episode of The X-Files, our ongoing conspiracy plot takes a back seat to some good, old-fashioned, Monster of the Week fun. 1,673 more words


Doctor Who: Eight Actresses Who Should Play the Next Doctor

With the news that 2018 will see a new showrunner for the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who, many fans have begun to speculate that the new broom will sweep in some big changes. 860 more words


The Truth Is (Still) Out There - disinterring "The X-Files"

When The X-Files made its debut on BBC Two in 1993, I was a young student, living in digs in a small town in Sussex, and still had cheekbones and all my own hair. 533 more words


Covert Cupid Challenge: Caitlin

by Caitlin

Oh, boy. I knew nothing about the X-Files, and frankly not much more about Star Trek: TNG. At the end of this experiment, all I now know that I… 822 more words

Covert Cupid

The X-Files: Home Again

Season 10, Episode 4: Home Again
Written by Glen Morgan, Directed by Glen Morgan
First Aired: February 8, 2016

Okay, fair warning: this episode hit me very hard. 3,046 more words

David Duchovny

X-Files S10:E4 Recap

In Monday night’s dual storyline episode, Home Again, Mulder and Scully are called to Philadelphia to investigate an unusually grisly homicide. There’s a Monster of the Week whose preferred method of problem-solving is literally tearing bad guys limb-from-limb. 823 more words

TV Talk

The X-Files Miniseries Review (Episode 4- Home Again)

With a title card like Home Again, fans can be forgiven for believing that this episode is a direct descendant of the iconic Season 4. Alas, there are no inbred brethren around for Mulder and Scully to play around with. 427 more words