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"Don't Think Twice"



“Don’t Think Twice” celebrates the craft of improvisational comedy and offers an intimate glimpse into what creative types think of their chosen profession. 705 more words

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Don't Think Twice, or, Suicide Squad and the Myths of Success and Failure

At first glance you’d be forgiven for not seeing any connective tissue between Suicide Squad and Don’t Think Twice, writer/director Mike Birbiglia’s sophomore film about a close-knit improv group in New York City. 328 more words


(10) Don't Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice is the second directorial effort of stand up comedian Mike Birbiglia. The film revolves around a group of aspiring comedians who get by on help from their parents, crappy part time jobs, and $5-a-piece ticket sales to their improv shows. 637 more words

Cinema Dispatch: Don't Think Twice

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Directed by Mike Birbiglia

I always like to see comedians (especially of the Stand Up variety) take a chance behind the camera, especially considering how many really great works that transition has produced.  1,859 more words

Cinema Dispatch

Don't Think Twice (Birbiglia, 2016)

Four years after his debut as writer-director of Sleepwalk With Me, Mike Birbiglia has returned with Don’t Think twice, a sincere comedy about realizing and accepting personal limitations. 717 more words


"Don't Think Twice"

“Don’t Think Twice”
Written and Directed by  Mike Birbiglia

I’m not a huge fan of small ensemble films about performers. Maybe because I am one (a seriously jaded one, at that), I find them tedious, derivative and filled with endings that are completely  unrealistic in their “boy-gets-girl”, or “now he’s a star!” bullshit. 338 more words

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Don't Think Twice

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Don’t Think Twice (B-).  Two things drew me to check out this movie about six friends who perform together as an improv comedy troupe—its crazy high Rotten Tomatoes score (99%) and the fact that it co-stars Gillian Jacobs of my beloved TV show… 83 more words

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