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Love: Season 3 (the final season) – a review

I’ve been a fan of the Netflix series Love since it premiered in 2016. The show was produced by Judd Apatow, and was originally picked up for two seasons. 474 more words


Love is Best the 3rd Time Around


Say “Bon Voyage” to Love

In the third and final installment of Netflix’s Love, the satirical Judd Apatow joint comes to an anticipated fruition. 673 more words

Don't Think Twice

Ha-ha-ha. Classic comedy.

“I feel like your 20s are all about like hope, and then your 30s are all about realizing how dumb it was to hope.”

174 more words

Love: A Story of Acts, Not In Acts.

SPOILER WARNING: Mild spoilers, I try not to spoil anything too dramatic but there’s only so much I can do.

There’s definitely a way that traditional narrative structure has affected the way we think of the progression of our lives and the ebb and flow of conflict and resolution both moving forward and retrospectively. 1,146 more words

Gillian Jacobs

SERIES: LOVE no longer floats in Netflix


A program that follows a couple who must navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment and other things they were hoping to avoid. 189 more words


Love Netflix Series Review (2016-2018)

I’m impressed by this series. I realised why when I saw Judd Apatow’s name.

Plot: The main plotline in this is that two adults struggling on the depths of adulthood, Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Risk), meet when their own love lives are turning awful.  356 more words

All In One

Love: Season 3 (2018)

Plot: For the first time in this show, we start the season in a place where we’ve never seen Gus and Mickey before, in a happy and content relationship. 375 more words