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How about Thurston Howell, III, Lovey, Mary Ann and Ginger? The Professor, Skipper? Haha, these boats made me think of Gilligan’s Island and the S. S. 29 more words

Island Fever

Cult Movie Essentials: Hellriders (1974)

An evil bilker gang led by a man named Snake (Russ Alexander) arrive in a quiet town and clash with the local Doctor (Adam West). 82 more words


Splickety Lit!

English can be quite entertaining (as long as you are not a student). There are malapropisms, mondegreens, eggcorns, spoonerisms, tongue twisters and that is just the beginning. 1,512 more words

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Momentary Observation- Gilligan's Island

We do not have television in our house. We rarely have a chance to view it; only when we travel do we ever venture to turn one of the machines on. 41 more words



January 9th in history:

A couple of technical achievements on this date:

New England Telephone and Telegraph introduced the first battery-operated telephone switchboard on January 9th, 1894. 92 more words

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