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Volcanoes are Cool…at Least From a Distance

Volcanoes are one of those things that are kind of cool.  At least as long as you’re not near them when they’re erupting.

They’ve been a staple of many TV shows, like on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’s “And Five Were Left.”  Five men from World War II are stranded in a cave under a volcano that’s about to explode.  215 more words

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea


There’s a new Skipper in tow- wait a minute.

Bamboo Bench, check our coordinates again. We may have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque!


Ginger or Mary Ann

Survey says that men prefer Mary Ann because she represents the farm girl or ‘the girl next door.’ This could be true because recent research suggests men are afraid to talk to a red-haired woman, especially a sexy movie star like Ginger.

Ida Lupino directs four episodes of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND

The following is my entry in The Ida Lupino Centenary Blogathon, being hosted by the blog Maddielovesherclassicfilms on May 12, 2018. Click on the above banner to read bloggers’ retrospectives on the film and TV career of this amazing actress and director! 1,143 more words


Something you might not know about me, is that I love to make quizzes in my spare time! I know it’s just for fun, but I honestly think I learn more about myself from taking quizzes, and I also enjoy taking them with my friends and comparing results! 88 more words

Our games of Monopoly were as predictable as "Gilligan's Island"

The April Pop Culture Mashup was a challenge in which participants were each sent a list of 10 random pop culture entities. Each person then had a week to create something that incorporated at least 2 of the 10. 439 more words

Pop Culture Mashup

The Booking Elves

Well, the booking elves have been busy (read Sue, as she is our official booker).   (I found this out accidentally, when Steven said, “Did you book that? 669 more words