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Six Super Silly Sitcoms From the Sixties

If you’re searching for sophisticated television viewing, no need to continue reading. However, if you’re looking for mindless entertainment that will make you laugh in spite of yourself, you’re in luck. 573 more words


Today In Music History: 09/26/17

On this day in 1964, “Gilligan’s Island,”  debuted on CBS, where it ran for 3 seasons. Check out a reunion video I found of the cast members talking about the show! 204 more words


Roomis Igloomis

Remember that episode of Gilligan’s Island where Mary Ann thought she ate a poisonous mushroom? In her dream, the Professor was her doctor and he told her she had a severe case of Roomis Igloomis. 59 more words

Random Memories

5 TV shows that should be revived/continued

If old TV shows, such as “Full House,” “Beavis and Butthead” and “Will and Grace” can be revived or updated, why not other favorites? Here’s five I want to see returned to the airwaves: 805 more words


S01E09 - What Shall We Do With a Stranded Sailor?


Nautical disasters don’t necessarily spell certain death, but being stranded at sea is no cake walk. Today Brandon and Dustin reinforce your fear of ever leaving home. 8 more words


Jumble Spoiler - 08/31/17

Visual Description:  Role reversal?

GORRI  =  RIGOR,  PRAGH  =  GRAPH,  WUTOIT  =  OUTWIT,  TAUDEP  =  UPDA… 93 more words