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Helen's a BOY!!

I have to say that my youngest son was just saying how I shouldn’t assume gender, when I posted a picture of Helen on here earlier today I saw the… 7 more words


How Fish Breathe

2017 was a stressful year.  There’s been a lot of contention and disagreement in the world, and sometimes I find the only way I can lower my heart rate is to meditate and breathe deeply. 240 more words



Mushrooms are coming up! Isn’t this one adorable? There is a huge web of mycelium in our part of the world, which spreads destructive fungi, like the oak wilt that is taking down our live oaks, and helpful fungi, like the cute mushroom you see here. 412 more words



Nikki hasn’t had any spotlight since she hopefully touch wood hasn’t really been affected by the Ich that had poor Helen covered.

When we got Nikki she had a number of scales missing off one of her gills and her gill area was a pink colour (you can see this in the picture of her in the  66 more words


A Mushroom Village

We had a stump cut out and now have a pile of rotting wood shavings.

Obviously, the mushrooms like it there. This is the second batch. 73 more words


Structure: Mushroom


The underside of a mushroom, or Gills, known as “lamellae” in Mycologese, are platelike structures arranged on the underside of a mushroom’s cap. (Definition from Mushroom Expert .Com )