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No Name Mushrooms

Buffy and I went for a morning walk through the woods at Stone Face.  The late October day was cloudy. No water ran in the creek. 92 more words


Three To Attend To (2015)

1. Budget.
2. Yard.
3. Your skin.
Good reason why-
As it can get awful dry.


Loren's Badass Chick: Cynthia Wigren

This week’s Badass Chick is Cynthia Wigren, co-founder of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and creator of the Gills Club.

Before dedicating her life to shark conservation, Cynthia worked for twelve years at online trading companies, which gave her the ability to travel the world and experience wonderful things, like her trip to South Africa in 2010. 349 more words


Apologies to Dave Chapelle

I have developed my own Aquaman comedy routine about what life would be like as a Merman superhero. Yet, I still love the “Hello Aquaman.” routine by Dave. 1,114 more words

Short Stories And Writing Topics

The Fish With The Lung

Yes, you did in fact read that title correctly. There is a fish with a lung! The fish is called coelacanth. It’s related to the first fish that crawled onto land 410 million years. 277 more words


Faerie Mushroom

Golds and yellows have become favorite tones to add to photographs during processing.  Not only do these colors bring out a sense of cozy warmth, but they carry a more magical feel. 52 more words


Fascinating wildlife fact #18: woodlice breathe through gills

Woodlice breathe through gills, like fish. That’s why they need to hang out in dank places.

British Wildlife