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A Mushroom Village

We had a stump cut out and now have a pile of rotting wood shavings.

Obviously, the mushrooms like it there. This is the second batch. 73 more words


Structure: Mushroom


The underside of a mushroom, or Gills, known as “lamellae” in Mycologese, are platelike structures arranged on the underside of a mushroom’s cap. (Definition from Mushroom Expert .Com )


The Giant Shipworm

When it comes to mollusks, people talk a lot about the charismatic giant squids and giant clams (and for good reason!), yet, to my mind, these are not the strangest—or even the most elusive–giant mollusks. 371 more words

We are krill

A while back I half joked with a colleague at work who was asking about a website for a conference for international researchers studying krill – “I could write you a poem as well, if you like.”  He was back in touch with another question last week, and asked in passing, “Did you ever write that poem?” Well, I hadn’t, but I have now – so here you go, Andy! 144 more words



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League One

Opposite of Alienation

As usual, do not try to make too much sense of this. I was trying to make something that was easy to draw and looked cool. 128 more words


Coming soon at the Big Read Meet in March: A.A. Gill's new book, Lines In The Sand

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SINGAPORE – The Big Read Meet is on next Wednesday (March 29)!

The Meet is a popular monthly non-fiction book club by The Straits Times and the National Library Board (NLB) which has been running since July 2013. 436 more words

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