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Gas Exchange in Fish

Learning about the structure of the gills, the “countercurrent flow” and images from a short fish dissection…

These past two days have been very interesting, in my biology class yesterday we were lucky enough to have a fish dissection demonstration and today I joined another year 12 class and watched the whole dissection again! 1,161 more words

Abyssal Zone


   Sharks are a family of fish that has something very special in common – their skeletons are not made of bones but cartilage. Cartilage is a tissue much lighter and more flexible than bones. 369 more words


Shark of the week: Bigeyed sixgill

Did you know that most sharks have got five gill slits on each side, but there are few with six gill slits, too? One of them is the bigeyed sixgill shark. 122 more words


How long does it take you to make a decision?

I think this is key in understanding others:

where they find them-

selves, where they see them-


maybe where somewhere inside their being they’d love to be, ski- 261 more words


100 Songs In 100 Hours: 68 - The Gills

Nashville based four piece The Gills will release their self-titled third album sometime this year.

They have shared Lemonade from it, a hectic, jerky slab of power-pop that melds an anthemic chorus with coruscating lyrics in a wholly satisfying whole. 35 more words


Scanning electron microscop (SEM) - gills

Picture is showing trout gills under a SEM, displaying physiological micro-ridge structure of epithelial cells (fingerprint-like structure) and mucigen granules.

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Branchial basket of the dogfish Squalus acanthias

The branchial basket is a cartilagenous structure which supports the gills (around the fine branches at either side).

Image courtesy of RVC

Anatomy Snippet