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what can I say

smearing and smudging pixels turns me on quite a bit

Image Manipulation

Materi Ekskul Desain Grafis Semester 1

Alhamdullilah wasyukurillah akhirnya saya bisa mengumpulkan semua materi desin grafis untuk Sekolah Dasar semester 1.

Materi ini berdasarkan dari semua materi yang saya ajarkan di Sekolah Dasar Tanah Tingal, materi ini berupakan materi yang bersifat praktikal karena langsung dapat dikerjakan tanpa harus mendalami fungsi-fungsi dan fitur dari software yang digunakan, sengaja dibuat demikian karena yang saya ajarkan adalah siswa-siswa SD yang lebih tertarik jika saya langsung memberikan materi yang langsung tampak hasilnya. 73 more words

ah, the warping option

love to warp
no idea where this came from
push this, enter there, feel around

note responses
and pay attention to breathing shifts


as long as there is gimp...

and motion blur filter effects
and layers with blend mode
and a few pictures from those three sweet years in Bucharest, Romania….
one does what they can when and where they can with what they have


take a wispy cloud

hop on the smudger and run around a few times, add a piece of water, cut out some sand… share just in case someone out there gets a kick out of it.


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GIMP 2.9.8 Released

Howdy, folks!

The developers over at GIMP have just released a new version of their Free/Libre Open-Source Image Manipulation tool. You can read all about it… 7 more words