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On Serenity

I am not a particular fan of Westerns, but I am a particular fan of the works by Joss Whedon. At the time Serenity was coming out, I was working at the movie theatre at The Loop in Methuen. 688 more words


Favorite Cancelled Shows: Cleopatra 2525

I really loved Cleopatra 2525, a Xena: Warrior PrincessHercules: The Legendary Journeys camp-esque TV series. It was not quite feminist (though the main characters were all women who had strong characteristics), but certainly rather entertaining given the ridiculousness of it’s premise and myriad band of over-the-top villains they had stored away. 1,139 more words

TV Shows

Getting To Know Characters

So I have been rewatching Joss Whedon’s brief, lamented TV show Firefly and I started to notice how, especially in the pilot, one of the primary ways we get introduced to the characters and find out who they are is by watching their interactions/relationships with the other characters. 279 more words


5 reasons 'Suits' is at the top of its game in Season 5

“Suits” Season 5 has returned to vintage form, and as the show ramps up to its summer finale things are only getting better.

From the… 848 more words