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Gina Torres Reveals Her Favorite 'Suits' Relationship

Gina Torres may not always show her warm and fuzzy side while playing Jessica Pearson on the USA Network’s Suits, but in real life, Torres isn’t afraid to gush about things like her fellow co-stars or her favorite on-screen couple. 154 more words


The 'Suits' Toronto Interviews: Gina Torres

In the last of my interviews from the set of Suits, Gina Torres tells me how Jessica is going to react to the latest round of drama at Pearson Specter Litt. 67 more words


Quote of the Day

Zoe: He’s the captain, Wash.

Wash: Right, I’m just the husband.

Zoe: Look, I’ll ask him.

Wash: Don’t forget to call him sir, he likes that.

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Quote Of The Day

Quick Take: Serenity (2005)

It’s impossible to discuss Serenity without bringing up Firefly, the Joss Whedon-created cult TV show that preceded SerenityFirefly was a space western that only lasted 14 episodes, and it was brilliant, but Fox totally bungled its release by airing episodes out of order and showing sports instead of several episodes.  98 more words


Watch the First Trailer for 'Con Man,' A Big Ol' 'Firefly' Reunion

For years—since its premature and semi-tragic cancellation by the worst villains in the universe, Fox executives—fans have clamored for a Firefly revival. And while such a project may never get past the talking (and, call it what it is, panting) stage, the new Vimeo comedy series… 257 more words


"Firefly" - my rant against machoismo, fake feminism and bad character development

Firefly /TV series/ (USA, 2002)

My rating: -1 (Disliked it)
Bechdel Test: 
2 out of 3 for some episodes, 3 of 3 (but barely) for others. 2,311 more words

2 Out Of 3 On Bechdel Test