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Of Pinkhouse Baby Girls Gina Romper dark denim 18 months

Cómo dar de alta una página web en buscadorers

• No utilices títulos demasiado corttos o largos, de 20 a 60 cracteres es lo más … 293 more words

GINA LOUISE INC lace off shoulder resort dress The

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Not Sure What I'm Doing Any More

Like my custom note above?  I received it about 14 years ago from my sweet Anika, the artist in the family.  She has gone on to take art lessons, and had her first showing in Frankfort.   623 more words


slow progress.

Summer has a way of making us put aside responsibility so we can sun bathe and play frisbee and eat grilled foods. It’s been cloudy and rainy the past two days, making me want to stay inside and catch up on some important things I have been ignoring. 7 more words


Strangers in the House

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and I’m ready for my so-much-craved weekend. Stretching my full length I realize that what awoke me is someone opening and closing the entrance door. 397 more words


Investigating Flowers & Human Anatomy

I’ve always been jealous of all the tech you see FBI or CIA people use on TV: facial recognition devices, radars, image softwares that find cartel’s gangs from the sketch of a tattoo seen during a shooting…I was thus super excited when I discovered Google had given me the possibility of make a search using images. 252 more words


Untitled 275

Gina E. Joys
Ceramic Bowl, 12.5 w, x 4 h.


Please leave a comment especially if you have additional information on this piece of art or the artist.


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