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Safeguarding Technology

At the end of my summer 2013 Informatics internship — after having spent 3 months researching and pursuing projects related to health informatics technology — I declared to the rest of my group the one thing I was sure of: The Cybersecurity Market is going to flourish.   180 more words


Gina's Final Reflection!

Okay so I written this blog about 2 times now both times 1,400 words (don’t judge me I write a lot, maybe it’s a nervous habbit? 452 more words


Lions and Tigers and Filter Bubbles Oh My!

So, again I think I’ve said this in almost every post so far I’m not sure, I’m a broken record you can say it. Anyways, I’m not always good with technology, I’m the friend that asks you if you can help me with a computer problem no matter how much you showed me how to do it myself. 401 more words


The Scoop on Hoops: A Must-Have Accessory

Honestly, of all accessories, I have to admit that hoop earrings are probably one of the best–they’re simple and easy to wear, versatile, relatively comfortable, and instantly enhance any outfit. 277 more words


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' S2E16: “The Wednesday Incident”

By Mina Haq

This week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake tries to solve the mystery of what has Captain Holt in such an awful mood, refusing to believe that he played any part in it, while Boyle struggles to convince Amy and Rosa that a seemingly sweet elderly man is responsible for a bank robbery. 744 more words

Recaps & Roundtables

Australian Slang

And here we see a list of the popular Australian slang! 3,920 more words


Gina's Reflections of the Pecha Kucha

So when going into this, I of course was confused (I think I’m starting to believe my mom when she says that I was born confused). 1,176 more words