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Issa No for me

First and foremost let me start by saying Tisha Campbell (Gina/ Jay) at one point was everyone’s love interest at one point in time. Whether it was in House Party, Martin, or My wife and Kids. 151 more words


New Genetic Testing Bill: Potential for Progress or Potential for Discrimination?

According to a recent article published in The Atlantic, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce recently approved H.R. 1313, a bill that would allow employers to pressure their employees to undergo genetic testing and share the results as part of an employer’s “workplace wellness program.” If an employee opts not to share the results, he or she could be forced to pay significantly more for health insurance. 106 more words


Spark IV

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No, Nan was not hallucinating. The spider had a whym signature just like everyone else. It was at least three quarters as wide as she was tall, and came up to Izusa’s waist. 1,454 more words

Spark I

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“I know you’re awake, you stopped snoring a few minutes ago.”

The gig was up. Nan Beauchamp was on her way to see the Grim Reaper. 1,912 more words

Forbes 2017 billionaires list: Donald Trump drops 220 spots, Gina Rinehart skyrockets to 69 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bill Gates tops Forbes’ billionaires list again, President Donald Trump slips 220 spots and Gina Rinehart has the best year of all female billionaires listed. 17 more words


Pie 10.2

The door to the bathroom opened, and John stepped through to sling himself up beside me.  “I’m so envious of women,” he grumbled as he set his kit next to one of the three sinks. 4,518 more words