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The Wishing Map 38

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Ten: Lost… (Continued)

Previously: After Zack had eaten–and retched–bucketfuls of mud, his body had finally returned to its human state.  848 more words


Trolls, just not the box kind. (Gina)

So this is a bit off topic but I guess not? While it’s not required and this post is not planned at all, I hope some of you  that read this will watch and it and take something away. 353 more words


Gina's Response to Selfe

I have been up for ever 24 hours now, I am fighting my eyes from closing as we speak!

Technological literacy is the computer skills and  the ability to use computers and other technology in order to improve learning, productivity, and performance, however it’s also a complex set of socially and culturally situated values, practices, and skills involved in operating linguistically within the context of electronic environments, including reading, writing and communicating. 234 more words


Gina's Response to "As We May Think"

Okay, so this may be late, but in my defense these readings were so difficult for me to understand that I would read a paragraph over and over and over and still nothing. 383 more words


Gina's Week Without Tumblr

So I think I took a different approach and chose to not use Tumblr for a week because Facebook is my only means of communication with family members who live in different countries. 340 more words


Shoes VM in london-Gina,Christian Louboutin

I was seen two visual merchandising before my US visa apply in London.One is for Gina and another one is for Christian Louboutin.
I want to talk about Louboutin first because it is a fantastic VM design with movement window display , As soon as the LV In the early time, it has conveyor belt with it. 25 more words

Visual Merchandising

A Sunrise A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Waking up at 5am sounded so much easier yesterday evening. When the “Twinkle” alarm rang in my ears this morning I opened an eye and thought:  400 more words