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An infatuation with gin

For the last week and a half or so, I’ve been craving a dirty gin martini. Not in the way you want a drink after a hard day at work, but in the way you crave that one burger from that one hole in the wall bar on the other side of town. 666 more words


Orange Creamsicle Dark and Stormies

These are my new absolute favorite.  My go to.  We got a bunch of ginger beer, and so I’ve been making these constantly (until we recently ran out of the ginger beer).   87 more words

Foodie Friday

Something beginning with C.

Passionfruit came my way this week and as I sliced into the first one, reaching for a teaspoon to scrape out the gooey insides, my taste buds were gearing up for the tarty-sweet-tangy explosion to take  me back to being a kid,  hopping the fence into next doors’ yard when no-one was looking to grab some of these big golden orbs from the vine hanging on the white lattice fence. 564 more words

Dear Seattle

Dear Seattle,

Once again, you gave me a wonderful visit! The rain stopped, skies cleared and lo and behold there were the Olympic Mountains (yes! I saw them). 299 more words


Bournemouth and Poole GB additions

I’ve had some correspondence from Mike Squires our Club Secretary and he has some additions for the lists and variations which have been posted.

There are seven variations of the Bedford and Burniston impressed GB’s. 167 more words

Ginger Beer

Dorset Bottle Archive Update

Just to give you all a heads up as to where the archives direction is going over the future by adding the categories we hope to expand upon and record. 71 more words

Ginger Beer

DIY: Ginger Beer

With the first week of March complete, the doldrums of winter nearly over (fingers-crossed), and a historic Pi Day approaching at week’s end, it’s time for a project post! 675 more words

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