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Heartsease Fiery Ginger Beer

This ginger beer’s fire is very nice. It somehow increases intensity the further into the aftertaste and ends on a full-throat ginger feeling. However, as soon as you drink it you will notice that it tastes a lot of apple. 72 more words


Recipe: Homemade Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a refreshing drink that is a great mixer with alcohol or straight up as a soft drink. Ginger also aids digestion.

This recipe for homemade ginger beer includes fresh ginger root, lemons, soda or sparkling water and muscovado sugar. 13 more words

Rosa Medea

Belvoir Ginger Beer

To start off this ginger beer definitely packs a punch. The fiery ginger flavour makes a strong appearance in both the aftertaste and foretaste. It also gradually decreases in intensity but still leaves you with a solid burn. 96 more words


Foul-Weather Fighter

I’ve been reading Revolution in Color lately, which is a noisier business than you might think, as every eight or so pages I find a new annoyance, which I must of course share with… 267 more words


It has been a while since I wrote a blog and that is because I have been busy with life.  You know how it is.   170 more words


Product Spotlight | Barr's Originals

Once compared to the “big, small, weird, wonderful, quirky bits of life” Great Scot International brings us Barr’s Originals Ginger Beer.

The Barr family has been manufacturing their refreshingly aerated drinks in Scotland since 1875. 138 more words


Franklin & Sons Ltd Ginger Beer

To start off I must say that this beer says it has lemon in it and you can definitely taste it. The citrusy taste just highlights the burn of the ginger which is very tasty. 161 more words