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The Story of HG for me – or “Have you tried ginger biscuits………?”

I suffered from morning sickness many years ago, 37 to be precise. It was morning sickness, it lasted for about 4 months. It was awful. But it was not Hyperemesis Gravidarum. 1,102 more words

Ginger Biscuit

Held Hostage

Once upon a time our family had a cat which had kittens. There was a Ginger cat which was called “Ginger Biscuit”. It very briefly had a rather wry misname of ‘Crumb’ when Mum baked out of the drive way and it didn’t get out of the way. 555 more words

Hell On Wheels

Ginger choc molasses cookies

Whenever I crave an afternoon sweet treat I’m always on the hunt for something substantial that’s not sickly sweet. I know if I eat something packed with refined sugar and white flour it’ll leave me regretting it, with less energy and more hunger than before. 287 more words

Border Biscuits Dark Chocolate Gingers

I started this blog nearly a year ago, with the aim of filling it with reviews of chocolate confections. After only nine reviews I apparently lost interest and haven’t added anything since the last post on the 19th of January. 562 more words


Grab the ginger

I dislike greatly being sick, I imagine most people feel the same way but I’m really one of those who finds the who experience very unpleasant indeed. 289 more words