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These are traditional ginger biscuit commonly found in Cornwall. Fairing biscuits were made to be sold at fairs thus became known as fairings.

These biscuits are very similar to gingerbread men. 234 more words


Ginger bread man

Androgynous baked golden creation

smiling, painted and lifeless .  Tempting me.

a single bite I crave, perhaps a leg

or two

Soft on my lips… 43 more words

Ho Ho Ho! NEARLY Christmas Everyone! 

Hello there beauty lovers! Hope you all had a great and wonderful week ^

We wish you guys a very advance happy merry christmas!

It’s Christmas time and I was hoping all of you guys had a very good christmas time. 142 more words

Tabrizi Ginger Bread

Today I baked a kind of  muffin bread made with ginger, sugar and sesame seeds which comes originally from Tabriz a beautiful city in Iran. Might be baked like flat bread or muffin. 213 more words


Ginger-bread and foie gras

Foie gras, or you hate it or you adore it. In my case, I do like to eat foie gras from time to time. The combination with ginger-bread and a bit of jam is just delicious! 28 more words

Masterchef @ Home

Christmas Bread

People always talks about ginger bread as a symbol of Christmas. However, I call my cookies Christmas bread because I just let them look like ginger bread, they’re not really traditional ginger bread. 669 more words


Little Christmas the 23rd.

Christmas for me is spending time with family. This Christmas is in Norway, with both my biologic brothers. My oldest brother has three kids, two teenagers and one on eight y.o. 212 more words