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Gingerbread Men

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s October already? It’s the last quarter of the year and I for one couldn’t be happier. I feel like autumn and winter are the seasons when I’m the most me, I just love everything that comes along  with them. 423 more words


Gingerbread Men

Out on the weekend on a trip to Lollipops, Brayden chose a gingerbread man off the counter as a treat. I thought, that’s something I haven’t made in ages! 419 more words


Bake With Me #6 - Gingerbread

I love gingerbread and I find it one of the easier biscuits to make. So when I popped home last I was so excited to finally be able to bake again! 363 more words


Kids in the Kitchen: Spiced Shape Biscuits

Spiced biscuits are perfect for cold wintery days, to have with a cup of coffee or tea and the kids love them just as much especially when they can ice them and put sprinkles on them.   444 more words


Roves Farm's Bottom

Good evening readers!

We are currently enjoying a week away at my parents’ house in deepest Berkshire. Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny (who I’ve decided to call Deebee from now on) love staying with their grandparents and it’s a much needed change of scenery for us. 420 more words

The Gingerdead men

I used to watch the walking dead religiously with my family. It was fun, exciting and we were all into zombies! As the series started drifting away from zombies vs man and more into man vs man (people killing people) a couple of my sisters lost interest. 177 more words

Home & Living

An emoticon would make a better title

I admit, my last written post was a bit weird and ramble-y. Cut me some slack, I was getting sick — hence the lack of written posts since then. 677 more words