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Finding my gratitude

This entry has been rolling around in my head a bit lately. The Buddhists have it right: Life is suffering. We go about the daily grind and endure whatever crap we get thrown at us. 660 more words

Having A Tribe and meandering thoughts on relationships

There was a meme floating around Facebook that said “Find your Tribe. Love them hard.” It resonated deeply in me.

I’ve long subscribed to the philosophy of Family of Choice. 791 more words

The BMW - Part 1

Part 1 of the BMW (1995 BMW M3) is going to cover the very beginnings to just before the LS1 Swap. This will be a very long as it is 1.5 years of work condensed into one post! 822 more words


Adventures in Polyamory

I was never particularly good at dating. In my youth, I was guilty of falling too fast and too hard into things, only to be heartbroken later when things didn’t work out. 685 more words

"Your path lies before you, shining like stars"

That was said to me once, during a time that was dark and full of uncertainty. I doubted who I was, doubted everything in my life. 782 more words

Fun and Cheap Christmas Painting Project

Paper Decorations at Walmart for $2.97

My nieces and their painting piece

My husband’s painted his tree

This is my snowman!

Are you looking for creative things to do with your kids, family or friends for Christmas? 145 more words


X-Mas Adoptables

I have finish the first x-mas set of adoptables… the no PCD ones… I draw then in the tablet (when it was alive)…. Anyway soon they will be uploud into Maxicanvas…. 45 more words