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WMHM15: More than just a meet

When us car enthusiasts hear the term “Meet” we instantly conjure up an image in our heads. We think of a group of guys, sitting around a parking lot talking about cars. 655 more words

An Albany Cocktail: Apple Sangria, baby!

A signature Albany cocktail must include apples in some form. Must. And with the cider boom happening right here Upstate and particularly in Albany with the outrageous success of… 142 more words


I know this guy

Watch as my friend Bryan lays down the session that earns him 2nd place at Gridlife. Fine example of driver and car being in sync. Awesome job.


Finding my gratitude

This entry has been rolling around in my head a bit lately. The Buddhists have it right: Life is suffering. We go about the daily grind and endure whatever crap we get thrown at us. 660 more words

Through the Rabbit Hole...

Day 2: I wonder… do they call it the Land of Oz because when you arrive here you feel like you dropped through a rabbit hole to get here?? 1,379 more words

The Land Of Oz

Having A Tribe and meandering thoughts on relationships

There was a meme floating around Facebook that said “Find your Tribe. Love them hard.” It resonated deeply in me.

I’ve long subscribed to the philosophy of Family of Choice. 791 more words