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A Local Fantasy

The valkyrie rests his broadsword on his shoulders as he jokes with the spell caster about the upcoming mission. A warrior wizard has gathered the adventurers there to discuss the growing unrest in the woods and the evils that lurked there. 713 more words


Geeks Who Drink: Not Your Average Pub Trivia

To most, quizzes are just a torture mechanism used by teachers to make our lives miserable. For others, ‘quiz time’ is synonymous with ‘social hour.’ 334 more words


2012's Stereotypical Egyptian

Finish this sentence: Walk like an __________.

I’m sure the success rate of answering this question correctly is about oh, 100%. And I’m sure you, like I am, now have your arms bent at the wrists and elbows and you’re walking around sideways, right? 202 more words


Pinteresting Part II: Marketing

So, a few months back, I introduce Pinterest to some of you before it became the fastest growing site in about…ever. At that point, it was made up mostly of pictures of outfits to die for, adorable animals, crafty ideas and enough food porn to last you a lifetime. 89 more words


The Future Filtered Internet

The internet can be a great resource and is, in a lot of ways, our friend. However, there is definitely a darker side. Be weary people. 52 more words


Obsessed: Sherlock

If I am only given one opportunity to convince my readers, as few of you as there may be, to do one thing, and that is my only shot, then I hope you watch the BBC’s Sherlock. 396 more words


Commercial Volumes Will Be Lowered...Eventually.

Instantly, I was thrilled to find out that the FCC has decided to start monitoring the volume of commercials.

One of the most annoying aspects of watching live television is that awkward moment when you’re startled by the music of a Macy’s advertisement. 41 more words