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How I Feel About You

Do not ask me how I feel about you,
Because I cannot answer that.
Instead ask me what I feel.
I feel warm sunlight.
Ask me… 59 more words



riveting… a random bit

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The Ginkgo Tree

On autumn-evening walks down city sidewalks, look down and soon enough you’ll see the fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo tree. They’re always laid flat out on the ground like they were placed there for you to notice. 628 more words


What was in the wind

that made the gingko shudder

and cast off its leaves?



How strange the patterns

made by gingko leaves falling

into the gutter!


Monthly Meet-Up: Tree

Gingko in Japan November 2015

Clipped fir in Doreen’s Garden September 2018

Sturdy little oak at Cerne Abbas October 2015

Vintage fabric from 1946

Weeping Willow Cerne Abbas 2017… 86 more words


Icelandic Paints

In the enchanted land of Iceland, the earth’s story unfolds before you. It’s one of those places where you can stand between two techtonic plates, inside a crater, at the foot of an active volcano and within a larva tube, whilst at night being bewitched forever as you stand beneath the dancing aurora. 176 more words