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Gods and Monsters

Today’s very early blog comes not so long after my last one, but concerns two games- one already released and recently updated and one that has yet to release, that are of great interest to me. 1,284 more words


5 Games I'm Incredibly Excited For

Today’s blog post is going to be about just a few of the games I’m getting pretty excited about seeing in the future. I’m not going to include some of the others (such as Mass Effect Andromeda which is pictured above), but that does not in any way diminish my feelings of excitement or anticipation for them. 1,526 more words


Hitman: Season One Review

Many of us were somewhat skeptical when IO Interactive announced that the next iteration of the Hitman saga would be an episodic release and span almost a year’s worth of time per season. 1,540 more words


200 Blogs Under the Sea

It’s been a long haul to get here and I could very well be on my way to something like 500 blog posts if I’d kept up and been regular with my writing, however the topic of discussion today is quality over quantity and nothing describes these 200 blogs, 85 reviews, and nearly 9000 comments that I’ve made over the years. 1,334 more words


A Poem of Sorts (Post #2)

Stuff and things,

In soothing springs,

Like summer flings,

Or hornet stings.

While Death’s phone rings,

Your child sings,

And chance bring departed kings.

With sharpish wings, 86 more words


Less than a year ago, the following quote from Michael Kimmel’s TEDtalk altered my view of the World; perhaps this ‘2-in-the-morning’, back-porch type-up in Guadalajara, Mexico can explain why:

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Giordano Paradox