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KOOL-AID: meeting my landlord

Another instalment of Kool-Aid! If you missed the last one, click here to catch up!

Blistering cold again this morning. Wrapped self in duvet for walk into woods.

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Giorge Thomas

what YouTube beauty channels don’t tell you

I’ve really been enjoying YouTube at the moment. In particular, beauty tutorials. Have never really been the makeup type. In the past I may have tipped my hat at makeup every now and then with some mascara and maybe, just maybe, eyeliner. 854 more words

Giorge Thomas

KOOL-AID: my days...

The next instalment of Kool-aid. To check out the rest of the story, click on the ‘Koolaid’ menu above.

Right. I admit it. I miss having a purpose.

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Giorge Thomas

52 words

52 Words was written by Grabbety Covens as part of a 52 word challenge, hence the title. To view more of Grabbety’s exception work, check out his page…

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KOOL-AID: lack of communication

And now, the next instalment of Kool-Aid! To see the story from the beginning, hit the ‘Koolaid’ menu above.

Verbal communication has never been my strong point.

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her roots

A beautiful, haunting poem on the gripping connection with another by Andrew Maudling. To see more of Andrew’s work, check out his site here.

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mental health interruption

So I had a plan. I was going to pick a poem from those you have graciously sent to me and read it on a video. 313 more words

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