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Gaze EP by Showroom dummies

EP : Gaze

Band : showroom dummies

Label : Gpees/Midfinge/Deal With Music

Production: Giorgio Pona and Gigi Piscitelli  ( Gpees production)

Released on 20 october 2005… 49 more words

Production Work

Sunny Day Sets Fire

TITLE : End of the Road

Band: Sunny day Sets Fire

type of work : Mix

Label : Brikabrak

Format : Vinyl, 7″, Single Limited Edition… 76 more words

Gigi Piscitelli

Psycho Goulash by Agaskodo Teliverek

Album : Psycho Goulash

Band : Agaskodo Teliverek

Label :

Europe – Midfinger Records (www.midfinger.net)

UK – Adaadat (www.adaadat.com)

Japan – Fantome

Production : Gpees Productions (Giorgio Pona, Gigi Piscitelli and Bjorn Hatleskog) 5,254 more words

Production Work

Blood Club by Agaskodo Teliverek

Music : Agaskodo Teliverek

Video Barry Gene Murphy

Label : Midfinger (Europe), Adaadat (UK), Fantome (Jap)

Production Giorgio Pona, Gigi Piscitelli, Bjorn Hatleskog

Recorded at Jamestown Studio 10, London, 21 more words


Gay Hussair by Agaskodo Teliverek

Music : Agaskodo Teliverek

Video : Weirdcore

Album: Psycho Goulash 2008

Label : Midfinger (Ita), Adaadat (UK), Fantome (Jap)