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Maria and the portrait of Ginevra Bentivoglio

Maria stares resolutely at the portrait of Ginevra Bentivoglio; she has been wondering about the lives of the aristocracy since discovering that her great-grandfather was a nobleman in the service of the British empire.  1,299 more words

The Lives of Artists

Screw your textbook and go straight to the source. 372 more words


In Sicilia: Street Scenes, New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve was a day like any other, with one exception: we were in Palermo. We needed to get shopping in, so we walked to the Mercato Vucciria and bought chicken, vegetables, olives, salami, cheese, and wild strawberries. 1,372 more words


In Sicilia: Palazzo Abatellis

The Palazzo Abatellis, along with so much of Palermo’s Kalsa District (the old Arab quarter), was damaged extensively by Allied bombing in WWII. As Jeremy Dummett writes: 1,499 more words


Ajatuksiani 1500-1600-luvun italialaisesta kirjallisuudesta

Kirjoittanut: Tarja P.

 Renessanssi on voimissaan 1500-luvun puoliväliin, jolloin Lutherin uskonpuhdistus ja katolisen kirkon vastauskonpuhdistus  alkavat. Kuvanveisto, taidemaalaus, arkkitehtuuri olivat tulleet merkittäviksi jo 1400-luvulla. Barokki toi mukanaan myös teatteri- ja oopperataiteen, joiden tekemisessä kirjailijoilla oli rooli draamallisen juonen ja librettojen laatijoina. 482 more words

Kirjallisuus - Literature

Abstract Background 101816

I thought quite a bit about the role that chance plays in abstract painting. Surely some artists have mental image of what they would like to realize in paint. 126 more words

Personal Stories


I’m reading an interesting book about artists. Legend, Myth, and Magic in the Image of the Artist, by Ernst Kris and Otto Kurz, is densely packed with interesting ideas and information. 154 more words

Personal Stories