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Dress Rules

As with most things in our lives and with this being a FLR there are rules and rules must be complied with.

I work from home with my own business – having come out of the Stressful Shit Storm that was Construction Industry Contracts and I now do consultancy at my pace and in the quantity that I need to – It means that I spend the first part of the morning in my Maid role – getting breakfast ready for Mistress (and Master if he has stayed over), laying out Madams clothes for the day and helping her dress.  294 more words

Living in Latex

Last week, we cleaned out my closet and you may have noted…there was a reference to Spanx being in my future. Well…they were a huge part of my past so Latex and I are old friends. 786 more words

Mrs. DePew Corsolet

Well, I think girdle fits better. This is a wearable muslin, using peach tricot from Fabric.com, but I think they discontinued it. I don’t know why, it’s lovely fabric. 277 more words


Girdle. Oh, I want you, I need you, an' I'll never do you wrong.

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick and a return to the foundation of ones outfit.

From http://www.secretsinlace.com (link below *).

Rago 6210 Long Leg Zipper Panty Girdle featuring four sections made of Powernet Spandex stretch knit for all-over control with rigid nylon satin front and sides that holds and firms the stomach and thighs. 91 more words


Aww...Missed Thursday Limericks! d'Verse

There once was a lady named Myrtle

whose body was shaped like a turtle

But no one knew

Except the few

Who helped her into her girdle.