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How Do You Keep Your Panties Up?

Cousin Kat was proud of being “conservative.”  She pinched pennies beyond belief, though she could afford to buy whatever she needed.  Should she be given clothes or household items, she’d use only what she absolutely had to have, and sell the rest in a rummage sale.   214 more words


Cupcake Photography - 1920s Inspired shoot

Since moving to Australia in 2013, I have met some incredible people. A few years ago, I never would have dreamed that my friends would be make-up artists, bloggers, photographers, corsetieres, dress-makers, vintage hair stylists and many more fabulous occupations; I’m very lucky to have such a talented bunch of friends. 229 more words


Rubber undergarments

Rubber underwear is something that I find fascinating. Having lived in Australia for just over three years now, the mere thought of wearing a tight rubber girdle under my clothes makes me break out in a sweat! 686 more words


Wardrobe Malfunction

In eighth grade, I accidentally walked out of the girls locker room with my shirt on but unbuttoned. The gust of air generated by opening the door made the sides of my shirt flutter open and it took only a half second for me to look down and realize my TERRIBLE oversight. 204 more words



Jenyns is an Australian corset brand that deserves special attention, because the garments were ground breaking, not only with regards to fashion, but also for women’s health and comfort. 911 more words