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Knickers or not?

Knickers or not…? Is it bad form to wear knickers under a panty girdle? I sometimes wear undies to avoid needing to wash the PG after each wear, but it does negate the convenience of a split crotch for ease of going to the loo… What’s the accepted wisdom here? 264 more words


Fair to Middling

I’m taking a brief break to share a bit of silliness.

Picture me, if you will, struggling to put on a girdle in the dressing room at Target. 499 more words



Dear Girdle,

We need to talk. I haven’t been comfortable in our relationship for quite some time. Truth be told, when we met I wasn’t feeling good about myself and didn’t know I deserved better. 211 more words


Yoga meets retro underwear

There is a very common misconception that vintage style underwear and stockings are too uncomfortable and restrictive for daily wear. So many women believe that they would not be able to go about their business in girdles or other foundations because they wouldn’t be able to move, or even breathe. 275 more words


Starting out with retro underwear

This post is for the newbies out there who would like to start wearing retro inspired underwear. ¬†There is a way of going about it and there is certainly a way of not going about it, so I’m hoping that this post helps you with your journey… 856 more words