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Fine ass white boy

Princess keep yelling “he was hitting on you!!”

Lemme back up…

So this guy and his friends came into the store today( I may have forgotten to mention that I work in a sex store with Princess, and Taeyeon but Tae quit) and he was hitting on me hard. 300 more words


Dedicated to Mr. Crocodile. 

Despite how the news and movies depict black fathers there are a lot of black men who are good dads. My relationship with my dad has always been amazing, not saying we haven’t had our disagreements. 374 more words

Girl Chat

Chat... Expectant Mothers and The Ice Cream Truck

Hey Dolls, I hope you enjoy this random chat about expecting Mothers sign and the Ice Cream Truck !! Be sure to ‘Like” and ‘Subscribe’!!

Stay Gorgeous!!


GIRL CHAT: Games Men Play 😕😒😒

Girlsss, we need to talk. During this past week it became very evident that men(or rather boys 😒😒) like to play silly mind games. Like I don’t get it?? 543 more words

Photo was taken at the Nude Protest at the Republican National Convention

Alright, let’s all be honest some of us dislike being naked. We shy away from looking at ourselves naked. 604 more words

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