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4 Girly Hacks That Will Help You Get Stuff Done

Overloaded and overtired?  These words are sure to re-enter your vocabulary now that summer is almost over (if they haven’t already).  The demands of school, work, holidays, housework, social commitments, and so on can really take a toll on both your mind and body.   561 more words




First of all, we are all meant to have pubes, let’s just make that clear okay?

We’ve probably all heard ‘its to keep our downstairs area warm’  180 more words

My Thoughts


So I’ve been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now, since my Puberty, Teenager Years & Me post really, that post got me so hyped and even more passionate about what I wanna do with this, and where I wanna go in the long run. 240 more words


Count on Me: A Mother's Love


Do you ever just look at your mother and think, “Wow, she’s literally the best thing in my life!” Yeah, me either. But I should think that more. 1,149 more words

Girl Chat


Periods, Pubes & Pills Part 1

I mean when I typed this title for this post, my first thought was ‘who on earth is gonna wanna read this? 858 more words

Girl Chat

1. Twitter Fingers...or Facebook

Dear Nelly,

So my ex is trying to throw shade at me through Facebook. He believes that I’ll see it and that it will cause me to come back to him. 253 more words

What Nelly Thinks

Self ❤️  #1

Self ❤️

I’ve been thinking about what I’m gonna write in this post for such a long time now, that it’s becoming more hard work every time I go to write anything for it. 392 more words

Girl Chat