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Life is short, don't be lazy: An update

Ok, so I know it’s been a while since I posted anything (July, I believe) and even longer since I wrote anything about what has been going on with me.  640 more words


On this blog you will read my emotions and thoughts around gw2 and my journey through and beyond Tyria – The things I do, the characters I play, the people I do them with, and finally links to guides and bloggers that helped me in my travels. 14 more words

Girl Gamer

GameFace Monday: Slime Rancher


I feel like there is not enough 3D farming games for PC, games that ask you to gather resources to tend and cultivate your harvest then sell them to a market. 631 more words

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How does one "git gud?"

You see this statement a lot in MMO’s and I have always wondered what actually makes an average player like me different to a very capable hard-core player that belong to elite guilds such as: DnT, KING, qT? 2,207 more words

Guild Wars 2

GameFace Monday - Kingdom: New Lands

By: Ubersnaps

I had received Kingdom as a gift during its first release back in 2015, and I played it for a good six hours then put it down again. 536 more words

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GameFace Monday - Overcooked

By: Ubersnaps

Overcooked reminded me that I am, in fact, an idiot sandwich; one that Chef Ramsay would be proud of. This weekend Erika and I embarked on this new indie title release to show that teamwork makes the dream work. 474 more words

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I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

Thanks Dragon Season for contacting me to let me know I am a winner of a Charr Plushie


You’ve won an elusive and incredibly cuddly Charr Plushie in our competition!

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