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BDO: I love my Tamer

As of this post, I am currently AFK riding my way to my next grind spot during the increased EXP to get to 50 as fast as I can to catch up with my husband.   234 more words

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BDO: Switching Witch to Tamer

So, I’ve been playing a witch pretty much since the BDO headstart (and all its release headaches).  I usually always play a healer or ranged class; archer/ranger type, healer, warlock, etc.   445 more words

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The Virtual Reality

I am a huge… like you don’t understand… HUGE advocate for virtual reality. I am all about it! I want it. I need it in my life. 554 more words

In-Game Purchasing, Real Cash

I’m not one to use real money to buy stuff for a character in a video game. For most games, I’ll play it for a few months then never touch it again, or touch it so seldom that the idea of spending my real monies on it is ridiculous because it adds nothing to the game for me. 535 more words


As summer readily approaches, it may be more a time to game than to write about gaming. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this young professional female gamer community and to all who have read my posts. 41 more words

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YPFG Dialogue

But enough about what I think about games! I’m thrilled to release the first Console Coquette YPFG Dialogue with real life girl gamer Jennaiii. An avid playstation gamer, she gets real about her love of games and what it’s like for her to be a part of the gaming community. 426 more words

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Living World Campaigns

So I’ve been scoping out Roll20 lately, just trying to figure out where to get my next gaming fix in. Yeah, yeah. One can only wait so long for the favorite DM to read and prep for the next campaign, and I’ve been considering checking out these living world campaigns. 191 more words

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