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Helping dad!

I’m back at it with yo kai watch, and damn I forgot how much I loved the music and weird thinly connected plot line. And today we are helping dad save his job! 426 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Day 14 in Valhalla

Jan 24

Welcome back to Valhalla just in time for Isabelle to make some announcements.. will she announce that she is the one who did something Anabelle? 811 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Video Game Challenge Day 4 | What game deserves more love?

When thinking of games that deserve more love, one game series stood out to me and that is DeathSpank.

A series of three comedy action role-playing games centred around the character, DeathSpank, on quests to find and defeat special items and evil characters. 223 more words


Day 13 in Valhalla

Jan 23

Welcome to yet another lazy hazy day in Valhalla and if life is  not about lazy days then I don’t know what is. And who is this guy interrupting my lazy hazy day… 642 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Day 12 Valhalla

Jan 22

Welcome to Valhalla on this hazy lazy winter day, in which all is calm Annabelle has been found, there are no leads, there aren’t any public works in the works and I just don’t know the most glorious place for them, and it’s Monday (need I say more?) 748 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Video Game Challenge Day 2 | What game can you ignore the story and just “live” in the world?

Usually, for me, a game is mostly all about the story. I love a good game plot, but when it comes to Grand Theft Auto it’s quite the opposite. 191 more words


Day 11 in Valhalla

Jan 21

Welcome to Valhalla where things are not what they seen, a villager was reported missing and a cute and seemingly innocent receptionist rose to become the only suspect. 744 more words

Free Time = Game Time