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Gaming Now Vs. Then

Check out my latest video where I reflect on how different it is to be a gamer now than it was back in the 90s!

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Hen Hen Hunting | Slime Rancher Honey Farm Challenge (Part 2)

We’re still prepping our Honey Farm trying to get two gardens and a new corral up, and we’re also hunting Hen Hens for a big fat Tabby. 76 more words

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Being a Girl Gamer Then vs Now


Back in the day many people would always assume that males dominated the gaming scene and that females would rather shop, hangout, or just do girly things. 265 more words

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Skyrim Special Edition: The Adventure Of Gwynevere Alvason (Part 3)

Gwynevere Alvason has finally found her purpose, so we’re beginning the Thieves Guild questline, to become a master thief with proficiency in sneak, light armour, lockpicking, and alchemy. 103 more words

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Predator 15' with a GTX 1070: on top of the food chain

Helloooooooo everyone!!! :D :D :D

I’m here today to talk about something very dear to me: gaming, technology, computers <3

This week I went to Sharaf DG and got to see the Predator by Acer stand!! 746 more words


Ever Jane - Jane Austen MMO First Impressions

A massive multiplayer online game set in the Jane Austen style Regency era might seem a bit niche but it is my niche.

The premise is pretty great. 593 more words

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Wooden Potatoes video competition

For those that are not aware WP has been running a competition for several weeks. Please check out his site – http://woodenpotatoes.com/getpof/

I most likely would have entered a video of some sort regardless of the prize funds as Guild Wars 2 is my passion and I love the passion Wooden Potatoes has for the game, he is one of the few content creators I listen to/watch. 765 more words

Guild Wars 2