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Kanto Journey Ch. 8: 4 battles but not quite the E4

That’s right I have 4 battles ahead of me, douchebag Gary, Giovanni the mob boss, false gym Sam, and Sabrina the goddess of evil.

I don’t quite do them in that order…. 514 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Sunshine Blogger Award?!


That’s right! This happened recently I think I can still say recently so I am. I was nominated by none other than Dragon’s Tea Party… 2,455 more words

Free Time = Game Time


Butthurt spoiler whingers disclaimer: I’m trying to be mindful this is a recent game (at the time of blogging) and I don’t know all the story – yet. 1,177 more words

Fictional/Writing Work

Kanto Journey Ch. 7 Ghosts and a Rocket infestation!!

And back to the Pokémon tower of course it’s easy to go from celadon and lavender town

He looks freaking awesome in this game why did they tone down his spooky eerie look? 446 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Sims 4 dream world

Since jumping back into the Sims World, I noticed a few things simultaneously.
Firstly, The Sims grew and then stagnated a bit and secondly, the base game alone (Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4) are rather simplistic. 383 more words


Day 50 in Valhalla

March 1

Welcome back to Valhalla on this the first day of March that marks my 50th day of living in Valhalla. Talk about a multitasking day. 665 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Persona Q Ch. 8 You in Wonderland Ch.3 and death

And we are on the third floor of you in wonderland, things are getting darker that’s for sure

Zen caring for Rei as always and little ken making sure she’s okay and Rei is fine. 483 more words

Free Time = Game Time