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30 Facts About Me

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Mass Effect Andromeda Review: 60+ hours played, main quest completed

PSA: this review contains heavy spoilers. Please do not read if you have not completed, or care about spoilers.

There have been all kinds of opinions flying around the internet about the latest instalment of the Mass Effect series.

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Xbox One Review: Astro A40s with Mixamp

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to do another review for gaming but I wasn’t sure what to do. However, my boyfriend owns the Astro A40s with mixamp for Xbox One so I figured I could do a review on those. 548 more words


Playstation 4 couple double!

So a while ago we bought a beautiful white PlayStation 4 slim and now we finally have two ps4 consoles! We would have bought a second ps4 earlier but they were too expensive, until I found one at a good price, that is! 170 more words


[Android gaming] Sara is Missing

Thanks to my PC gamer magazine, I recently discovered and completed this free android game called Sara is Missing (SIM). Downloadable on both Apple store and Google Play. 242 more words

Girl Gamer

Female Gamers.

I’m on a few gaming groups on facebook (this is also based on personal experience as well) and I’ve noticed an increase of many women complaining about the negative and unwanted attention they get from playing an online game such as Overwatch or COD. 662 more words

PS VITA Collection (2017)

I love the Vita so much!  Check out all the games I have collected for it (so far!)!

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