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Online PC Games I Enjoy.... Because I'm a Girl...

This is probably the most sexist title I ever wrote, but I have my reasons. When people think “video games” they think BOY. No seriously, when someone asks me what I do in my spare time & I say “I play video games”, they often laugh in disbelief. 598 more words


"Gamer Girl" VS. "Girl Gamer"

I saw this posted on Facebook the other. And I thought about what a perfect example it is of the kind of sexist double-standards that women face. 379 more words

Life The Universe And Everything

Guest Blog #2: The Curse of Gender: being a female gamer with RedsGameSpot

Here is the second guest blog on my site, this time featuring RedsGameSpot who will be shedding light on sexism and its prevalence in online video games, specifically DOTA2. 1,010 more words


It's 2015, and we still use the term "Girl Gamer".

Welcome to the 21st century. Our society is slowly taking steps in the right direction towards a complete equilibrium, but that doesn’t mean the gaming community has to strive for equality! 313 more words



By Lachlan Harman

Over the weekend, I played a few games of competitive-mode Counter-Strike and ran into a player called Jen*, an openly-identifying 17 year old female player who just seemed very excited to play a good game of Counter-Strike. 804 more words


Digital Vs. Physical Games

Digital vs. Physical games…what do you prefer?  Watch my video to see what I like about both gaming platforms!

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Genre Hate?

I have noticed in the gaming community that there is a little bit of resistance with regards to sports.  What I mean is, a lot of gamers DO NOT like sports, and perhaps this is vice versa.   522 more words

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