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Channel Updates and Back To Work!

Hi you guys!

I come back after a few days of not feeling good and see our blog has 2 followers :D

So I guess I will start with a mini intro. 355 more words


I May Be An Adult But...

…damn if I don’t love sweet little simple kid’s games sometimes.

Not too long ago I invested in a 3DS. I saved up some money and then had to search all over town to get it since everywhere decided to be sold out of it when I wanted it. 177 more words


[PC Gaming]Evoland 2

Playing Evoland 2, is like playing a game with all sorts of genre and fields dumped into a mixer and mixed together. There is side scrolling shooter, strategy/puzzle planning, beat-em-up style boss battle, Gwent style card games like Witcher 3 and more. 492 more words


Outlast 2: Review

Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower are my favorite scary games, so I was a little bias about Outlast 2 when I started to play it. When I played the first Outlast it was understood that while they did not have the best graphics, there was still a great story behind the game. 948 more words


G-Strings and Video Games

Sexualization of females characters in video games is a…sensitive subject to say the least. On one extreme side there’s a bunch of shrieking man children who complain that the wicked feminist are trying to ruin games for them. 432 more words


Gabbing Gamer Girl Beginnings

I have always loved video games.

I remember being a very young child and somehow my family got their hands on a Sega Genesis. It was the first time I’d ever seen a game system (the Sega had only been out for a few years at that point) and I absolutely adored it. 655 more words



I’m in many groups on facebook, mostly gaming communities in order to find new friends, content, people to play with, or memes. I’ve also been trying to break out of my social anxiety shell and post more publicly; however I’ve noticed no matter what you post you; you’ll get hate. 217 more words