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YouTube: Fable Anniversary

As you know, I love Fable (like for real you guys. I really do.), and I also love YouTube. So today I explore a YouTuber who has uploaded a Fable Anniversary lets play! 153 more words


Blade and Soul: First Impression

My husband decided to try out Blade and Soul since our clan (the gaming group we’ve been with for years) went to play around on it.   454 more words

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Bandai Namco super sale!

Found out there is a super sale going on this week for Bandai Namco games!! This is the only one that I’m lacking. These prices are so tempting!


Gamer Girl Experience

So this blog is mostly dedicated to my own experiences with video games which will include reviews, rants, cosplay, etc. One project that I would love to do is actually interview other gamer girls in order to discuss your own experiences in the gaming community. 32 more words


RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 1

Hey guys (: Hope your first month of the new year has been alright.  Mine has been pretty good and busy with school and work.  Alright so I have been meaning to do this 30 Day challenge for awhile now.   227 more words


FFXIV: Gil Sellers

Back when I first played FFXIV:ARR I expected there to be in-game currency spam sellers.  It was so terrible at the beginning (when NO one had gil because the game had just been released) and so many people were hacked because they went to pay for gil and have their characters power leveled. 262 more words

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FFXIV:ARR | Can't Heal Stupid

As a healer of many MMORPGs I’ve become a bit cruel when it comes to healing now.  I wasn’t always this way, the MMO world and it’s player base made me facepalm more times than I dare mention. 703 more words

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