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Moxie Build

4 Terra Cotta Monk/ 3 Rogue

20 pt Build, Human

Str: 12 Dex: 16+2(human)=18 Con: 13 Int: 10 Wis: 15+1(4th lvl)=16 Chr: 7


Dodge (Monk), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Unarmed), Improved Grapple(Monk), Combat Expertise, Feinting Flurry, Toughness… 556 more words

The Naked Rogue

I called this character Moxie because I had grown slowly tired of playing the same old rogue and I was going to experiment on my poor party. 837 more words

What? Another Pathfinder Blog with nothing new to say... Not Again.

Yeah, maybe it’s a bit cathartic. Maybe I use this as a way to focus on something to prevent anxiety. Maybe I’m just a little on the side of weird, but none of that matters. 481 more words

Virtual Reality Is Here!

So, if you are into gaming than it is likely that you’ve been following the development of the various VR companies trying to get their moment in the spotlight. 120 more words


Life... Is weird...

So far 2016 has been… Interesting to say the least, and so far not my year.  With my separation that began last year, the attempted blackmailing by my ex in January, to the car accident that totaled my car just two days after I had paid $1,000 for maintenance after my circuit board and fuel pump went out.  441 more words

Aimee Jordan

#girlgamer: What I've been Playing

So some of you might know that I play games and have since I was little.  When I was very young it was mostly hand held games like Pokemon but when I got my first real console the PlayStation 2 I was so ecstatic. 547 more words


First Impression: Black Desert

I love Black Desert.

At first this game is very overwhelming because there is just so much to do; quests, skills, crafting, fishing, trading, and much more.   503 more words

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