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Twelve Years of Adventures

July 19, 2005 I embarked on quest that would continue to this very day. The landscape, Azaroth, the age, World of Warcraft Vanilla. Today marks the anniversary of when I first started playing. 553 more words

Everyday Life

[PC Gaming] What Remains of Edith Finch

It only took me couple of hours to finish this fairly new game. Not beat. Finish. It’s an interactive game that you do no more than walking around from point A to point B, opening doors and picking up things. 329 more words

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[PC Gaming] Ghost of a Tale

This game was crowdfunded by either Kickstarter or Indiegogo I’m not sure which. I encountered it when it was still undergoing development. I had the chance to play part of it that the developer released that act like a teaser. 343 more words

Girl Gamer

Gaming and the gender "BIOS"

I originally wrote this as a speech to deliver at public speaking training at work – but it’s a subject I feel strongly about, so I decided to publish it here. 930 more words

Get Frank

I'm Still Alive--I Think (Rant About InFamous)

I apologize for not having updated in a shamefully long period of time, and for the posting of old things to this blog, instead of new material. 1,148 more words


Friends on Twitch

I stream on Twitch and I’ve been around on Twitch for quite some time. I’m careful on who I call friends on Twitch. Mainly because I watched a group of people about three years ago fall apart. 291 more words