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It’s Fridayyyyyyyyy and I didn’t get paid :(.  This week’s Feature Friday is from a young man by the name of iSmooveTV.  I enjoyed learning about him on this feature he is 17 years old plays comp Pro-am, but most of all he respects the game of basketball and knows his real-life basketball IQ helps him play 2K.  421 more words


FEATURE FRIDAY: Gapingsungaming

It’s Friday its Friyay!  This week’s Feature Friday is no other than Gapingsungaming.  I have not played with him before, but doing this week’s feature I was able to learn more about him.  679 more words


Detroit: Become Human Game Review

This game has had some great success all over the world, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. If you love games such as Farenheit and Heavy Rain, then you’ll love what Detroit: Become Human has to offer. 1,064 more words


Crazygirl84: How I became a Gamer

I am known on PSN as Crazygirl84 I am a female gamer. Yes, the 84 is the year I was born, April 28th.  I have been gaming since I could remember, I have a picture with me playing Atari, and its always been my enjoyment and my relief. 805 more words


Fantasy Life 10: A teasing taste of the land of pirates of royalty

And we are back for an adventure but first I had to check yo mailbox cuse it was very aggressive in telling me so.

Well I’m so glad I read that as easier as far travel is I get less crafting materials and who can argue with free… 268 more words

Girl Gamer

Fantasy life 9 Exploration!

That’s right I’m back time to explore and defeat some monsters and soon maybe as soon as next blog I’ll be on my way to a whole new city! 229 more words

Girl Gamer

First Impressions: Aion

For years, my birth father has been begging me and my sister to play a game called Aion with him. Whenever I visited him, we would sit down and watch him play and listen to his stories of his grandiose battles against the Amosdians in the Abyss. 613 more words