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Troubleshooting Skyrim and Other Things That Make My Brain Hurt

The Good News: I’m back! I had a week of super strenuous fundraising and before that 2 weeks of clusterfuck called trying to catch up on school and business. 980 more words

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Dragon Age: Inquisition and Preparing for the DLC


I picked up Dragon Age Inquisition at the midnight release. Even though I had somewhere to be the following day, I knew that I was going to get home, get my toddler to sleep and then stay up for a good 5 hours playing it. 1,114 more words

Girl Gaming

Final Fantasy X and How Square Enix Owns Part Of My Soul

It’s not secret that I love the Final Fantasy series. It all started when I was a kid with a PS2 and picked up FF X and X-2. 1,096 more words

Girl Gaming

Exclusion of female gamers leads to conflict

Angry comments flashed across the screen. “Oh, looks like we’ve got a girl here,” “Let’s kick her out.” In just a moment, junior Samatha Manus was booted off the server of the video game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” before firing a single shot. 1,509 more words


Game Addiction... It's Real!

People can become addicted to many things. Some addictions are good and others can be pretty harmful.

This is where I pose the question: Where does gaming fit into that equation? 565 more words


My Dolphin Show 4


This is a fun video game that is for girls or young kids but can be played by anyone as its pretty addictive game play. Enjoy. 29 more words

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My Idea of Girl Gamers

OK, first of all I am a HUGE gamer/nerd, I don’t do Fantasy RPGs, though I do stuff like play computer games like GMod and play Grand Theft Auto I actually really like Action games hell I may even get an emulator one day and play some old style Metroid or Ninja Guidan get a challenge. 124 more words