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Good People Doing Good Things -- Youth

Yesterday, I was literally in a fit of rage, even my fingertips were spitting and sputtering, as the man-who-would-be-king did his best to send me to my ash bottle in a fit of apoplexy.  1,050 more words

Good People Doing Good Things

Cookies on the Move. 

Looking for some ideas as you look to off load some Girl Scout cookies this season?  My daughter and I painted her lemonade stand changing it into a cookie booth for the season.   100 more words


Much More Than Brownies

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be in Brownies because I thought you got them. Full disclosure, they are still my No. 1 favorite dessert, and luckily the coworker in charge of my birthday celebration each year makes the best ones I have ever had. 681 more words

Meet the Cookie Executives: These Girl Scouts Are Deciding the Future of Your Favorite Treats

The Girl Scout Central, located in midtown New York City, is something of a shrine to the organization’s most famous product—the cookie. Lunch boxes, keychains, mugs, and magnets displayed near the entry are covered in Thin Mints and Samoas; S’mores and Do-si-dos adorn patches, stickers, pencil pouches, and pins. 985 more words



I think it’s time to sit down and type: I may have a cookie problem.

Cookies in computers are not exactly like cookies on a shelf. 830 more words


Girl Scout Troop Of Homeless Girls Sell Over 32K Boxes Of Cookies

If you’ve ever been a Girl Scout, you know how exciting it is when it’s time for the annual cookie sale. You want to get a big number, not just for bragging rights but because the cookies will benefit the Girl Scouts and your troop. 315 more words

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A criminals’ slumber party ...

In about 12 hours time my Visa Debit Card was fraudulently charged for almost $500 in make-up AND Sid’s car was broken into. They took her Girl Scout cookies. 43 more words

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