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Girl Scout Cookies

You know what’s delicious? Girl Scout Cookies. Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints <– in that order. They are delicious. I could eat them all day.

You know what’s hard? 335 more words

Girl Scouts Want To Know How Pallets Of Girl Scout Cookies Ended Up At Discount Stores

The only place you’re supposed to be able to get Girl Scout cookies is from the scouts, so how did a bunch of discount stores in South Carolina end up selling these treats at upwards of 90% off? 262 more words

The Cookie Book Tag

Hey guys! I’ve been crazy swamped with studying for my AP exams coming up in May, so I haven’t had time to write out the book reviews and discussion posts that I had time—but I didn’t want to abandon you guys…so I’m doing another book tag! 461 more words

YA Books

Earning the Girl Scout Beer Badge

Nerd confession: I was a Girl Scout for 10 years and LOVED earning badges. When I made the wonderful discovery of Untappd in college and learned that I could continue to earn badges by drinking beer, I was all about it. 756 more words

Girl Scout Cookies (!!!)

The other day, I took an adventure on the Long Island Railroad and happened upon a Walmart, outside of which a table of Girl Scouts (well, Girl Scouts’ mothers) were selling cookies. 531 more words


Photo Scrolling

I’ve decided that I’m going to try something new on my blog! I’m going to call it “photo scrolling” because all it basically is is just me scrolling through the old photos on my phone and sharing them with you guys and telling you about when and where I took the picture and why it’s important. 152 more words

Girl Scout Cookies

5 Favorite Things this Week

This week has been hard! I haven’t been busy and that becomes a problem after a few days. At first I was excited just to make a grocery list, the store is having a HUGE 10 for $10 sale (get the 11th item free, awesome!) Then I started to think about all the unhealthy crap I was going to buy, and how much I’m determined to lose a little weight. 499 more words

Five Things Friday