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Alleged Girl Scout cookie sales thief identified

LANSING – Authorities with the Lansing Police Department say they’ve identified a man connected to a money-box theft at a Kmart on the city’s south end. 52 more words


Homemade Samoas

To finalize the homemade Girl Scout recipes, it only seems fair to include Samoas. To me, Thin Mints, Tag Alongs, and Samoas are absolutely the top three Girl Scout cookies. 574 more words


Homemade Poptarts

My freshman year of high school I ate a package of Pop-Tarts every single morning on my hour long bus ride. Flash forward to present day, I can’t imagine eating those processed snacks even once a week. 442 more words


Running #AMOK

When you tell someone you spent the morning running amok, you are sure to receive some odd looks. After all, who announces their seemingly uncontrollable behavior with such joy? 832 more words


Getting the Most "Bang for Your Buck"

We all like to know that we received the most for our money, that our dollar went as far as it could possibly go in working for our benefit, that the last dollar we spend provides exactly the amount of enjoyment to us as it cost us to obtain.  297 more words


What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You

That’s right, folks. It’s that time of year again. Whether you have to hound down a local Girl Scout Troupe for their last box of Thin Mints or are bombarded at every turn by the cute little brown sashes, we all know the feeling of holding, opening, and finishing a box of Girl Scout Cookies. 323 more words