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oneshot: tragic time travel

I loved her so much

She was the only one that could actually ever take care of me

She held me and loved me when I thought no one else could… 235 more words

Novellas And Story Ideas

Crabbed Visage

It was never easy to decipher her face,
Her crabbed visage,
Displayed convoluted emotions,
And some intricate illusions,
That seemed grueling to trace.

They assumed… 83 more words


How to Propose a girl (First Time)

As we all know that proposing a girl is a very difficult task.

A marriage proposal is an event where one person in a relationship… 82 more words


Carly was a 17 year old girl. she was a high school student. friend. daughter. sister. victim. Carly was a victim of one of the most deadly diseases. 171 more words


Wow, that was some bleak shit. I hate that I can be that way but I’m very glad to have a place it can be vented anonymously, because it does help to get it out. 165 more words