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"Beautiful" is an ugly word... 

This is an anonymous blog, I ask that if you discover who I am, and you know me, you say nothing to anybody.

The words that will be said come from my heart. 645 more words


Dark Fool

Dark placeDark space

Let me out

And stop ur chase

It’s almost like I cannot breath

With all the shit inside of me

Paralyzed I fear I’m trapped… 111 more words


Family | Brothers

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By Saigraf

Source: 500px.com


I asked Erica, if she loves me

Erica is the girl who always send hearts (for more information about her, check out my post “Love is in the air”) and which I like more than a normal person. 262 more words



I remember every hateful word you threw at me. I remember every time you let a joint decide our future. I remember every time you looked at me with your eyes full of anger, full of hate. 253 more words