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What is wrong with me?

Whenever I am around a lot of people I feel, lets say frozen. I feel like I don’t belong there and I wish I could just run away. 123 more words


First Year of College

I’m officially done with my first year of college, and oh my, it’s definitely a relief.

Though, I’ve noticed over this past year quite a bit has changed in my life. 604 more words


7 Things I Learned During Finals Week That Weren’t On My Exams:

If you’re a college student, or have ever been a college student, you might flinch when you hear the word “finals.” For many people this week means coffee, for most it means hours of late nights, headaches, junk food and cramming in the library; for me it meant learning.

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Bank Holiday shopping spree

Since I have stopped biting my nails I have been a lover of getting my nails done every three/two weeks, however it becomes slightly expensive after a few times and I have been on the lookout for a kit that I can use that will be a lot cheaper! 384 more words