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Hardest day at work.  I have nothing offline.  I just sit here and work all day and it’s so draining.  So let me change my attitude and not suck about it so much. 56 more words


Graphomania - an obsessive impulse to write.

So I imagine that the first blog post is always the most awkward…

I am a total newbie at this, I read other blogs all the time but still have no idea what I am doing as you will probably see. 792 more words


First dates fundamentals!

So it happened…you and the boy have been texting for a while and things have been going nicely enough….next thing meeting up is suggested! While your secretly  delighted you play it cool and send a laidback..” yeah sounds good…let me know when and I will see if it suits ;) x”  Nerves start to settle in…what if ye have nothing to talk about?? 387 more words

Problems of Cream Cheese and Glycollic Significance

The highlight of the day came when I decided on a carpe diem approach to curing the make-up defying red patches that have taken residence on my face with a mask made of cream cheese and fresh lemon juice. 497 more words

Undomestic Goddess