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Winamp Skin: M60

Another Girls Frontline character is ready to be used as a Winamp skin. This time it’s M60 to be featured as a Winamp skin and she is looking rather rowdy here. 87 more words



My name is Maricet. I was born in March 1992. In a mud hut in La Joya, El Salvador. I delivered by my grandmother, not a trained midwife but she was a midwife among the refugees during the Salvadorean Civil war, so she managed to get me out ok. 525 more words


In a men's world by Haya Abimelech, Syria

It all started where I lived: in Syria. Our neighborhood people were more traditional than those in other areas, so if you are a girl, you aren’t supposed to go out a lot or let strange men see you. 184 more words


Names and labels

After reading one of Kris Vallotton’s books, something clicked. Names have power. Our name and also the names (labels) we give ourselves. I’ve always shrugged off labels people have given me, thinking they’re just being rude and judgemental. 627 more words


Picture of The Day: Matthew Kyrielite

Matthew Kyrielite or Shielder is my choice for today’s Picture of The Day submission. I never get bored handing this Fate/ Grand Order lady out and she is looking very beautiful in that outfit. 16 more words


Firefox Theme: Cheerleader Girl

The sexy cheerleader is now available as a Firefox theme special for you, Firefox enthusiast. Yeaaa, if you like her Google Chrome theme version, you surely will like her in this skin. 61 more words


Space Girl

A mysterious lover
from outer space
comes to me for a kiss.
In my demise
I gave her my keys
to my place.
Now she wants me… 19 more words