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Wandering alone

I wonder sometimes what life would be like if I hadn’t made certain choices in life.

I wonder, where might I be right now? What life path would I be on… Who would I have surrounding me during my moments of awe or sadness. 271 more words


I’ve always known that my ritual of drinking tea every morning and putting on lavender before I left was beneficial to my spirit but now I know it for a fact because I didn’t do it yesterday. 1,165 more words


Hey guys!

So my Youtube video is up! Go check it out it ❤️ I’ll post the link below!

Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve been working alot and super sick so I’ve had no energy to do anything :-( But I’m better now, and finally got around to finish this video! 33 more words

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Yeah, I mean if there’s something I can be considered a pro at, it’s procrastination. I procrastinate every single blog post that pops into my mind and I’m so tired of myself for continuing this dreaded cycle. 184 more words


the one time i held a lot of money

Ashes To Ashes: Burn For Burn Trilogy

New video up! So yesterday, I started reading the last book in the Burn For Burn series, as I explain in the video. I somehow ended up explaining a bit of the Fire With Fire book too (*sigh* my brain), but I’ll be focusing solely on the “Ashes to Ashes” book in later videos, as well as sharing my thoughts.   16 more words