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Maybe I'm Not The Only One

I’d like to think that you have not fully moved on from me – from us, from our story. And that my name is still salient in your vocabulary, that hearing my name would still make your heart skip a beat. 65 more words


10 Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

As my freshman year of college comes to a close, I’m feeling a little reflective. There’s a lot of these tips floating around about how to make your freshman year the best and most “college-y,” but let’s face it, not everyone out there is going to have the idealized college experience that is expected, so what is college like for those of us who don’t fall under the classical “college kid” persona? 2,132 more words

A Mans Touch

so it Friday afternoon I’m at work n all I can think about is that I have not had any type of sexual action in forever ok like 2-3weeks n that’s a lot for me I mean I’ve been talking to my current fb but I think I’m over him then there’s the exs trying to jump back in my life but ugh no thank u sir been there done that I want something new idk something special for once but then again I just want to get it in lol I’m so confused lol… 8 more words


And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through…

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How do we make a change?

So lately I’ve been thinking, why am I where I am? I’m a sophomore in college studying marketing-but how did I get here..?

Of course I know! 183 more words


I am a bike rider

Be careful guys, I go bike riding !

I Did it, I bought a one year pass for CitiBikeNyc ! I know that I will not stay one more year here but the pass was for a week (35 dollars) or for a year (150 dollars) so I decided to take it… 189 more words


Raid Swap

Our raid had a lot of factors working against us on Wednesday.  Two members who’s net just didn’t want to cooperate, 5 officers that were dead tired, 1 healer that had to be replaced at the last minute, 1 sick raider…it really wasn’t our night. 96 more words

World Of Warcraft