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The Economy Is Picking Up BUT You Still Need To Save More Money!

Even as the economy picks up (and they’re telling us it is), we have things we do day in and day out that we know we can do without or ways that we can make changes to… 913 more words

Increasing Your Self-Esteem!

Do you build up your own self-esteem or do you tear it down? Negative thinking is the one thing that will diminish or destroy your own… 506 more words

Stop Procrastination In 4 Easy Steps! & Video

So, here you are – the start of another day, week, month and you have a million things to do – It’s true – we all have too many things to get done every day, but we only have so many minutes in an hour and so many hours in a day and so many days…you get my drift.   719 more words

It's Valentine’s Day – Who Loves Ya Baby?

It’s Valentine’s Day and you may be wondering, “Who loves ya baby”?  Most of us, over the course of any day, find we do things for everyone but ourselves.  316 more words

What Makes a Fabulous Woman Fabulous

Really? – A fabulous woman? – And you’re probably saying – “Not me…that’s for sure”.  To which we say, “Yes, you are fabulous”.   497 more words

Throw a Bunco Party!

Here at Girlfriends Galore, we happen to be huge fans of the game Bunco.  So, we thought we would share you the basic Rules of the Game of Bunco. 785 more words

The Best New Year's Resolution of All Time!

There are probably more than 10,000 posts on resolutions for the New Year, but I wonder how many are like this one…

We all set up a “want/wish list” whether we think we do or not; after looking back at the last year we  have ideas of things we want to change, habits we want to break and goals we set for ourselves and our passions, causes, and businesses. 397 more words