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Fasholution | K-Pop_Red Velvet

Hello my friends

Today I have another series to introduce. Fasholution = Fashion + Evolution.
My plan is to show you the evolution of Girl Group Fashion… 349 more words


Interview: Chasing Velvet

I am back with another interview and I am so excited for this one because it’s with CHASING VELVET!!! If you didn’t know Chasing Velvet is a four female piece band from Australia. 485 more words


APRIL - STING Lyrics (에이프릴-따끔)

Ok, so.. 4 April 2017 kemarin Mnet lewat M2 udah siarin first reality show nya April yaitu A-if-ril or Aifril dan itu seru bangettttt. As always our… 359 more words

Brave Girls are back!

Hey there peeps this is a quick post because I just noticed that Brave girls dropped there MVs for their new song Rollin’. Yes MVs as in plural. 355 more words

Xscape Announces Reunion! 

The music gods have answered our prayers; Xscape has finally reunited! The 90s R&B girl group, made up of Kandi, Tiny, and sisters Tameka and LaTocha, had an unbelievable impact on the shape of R&B today, paving the way for many R&B groups who came after them. 118 more words

Music .

Black Pink.

Black Pink is a South Korean-Thai group. They’re very talented, it’s their music that will decide if they’re good or great. Listening to some of their music right now gives me chills, I recommend listening to some of their songs, it’s  different and makes you wanna dance when no ones watching. 53 more words

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