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Black Pink.

Black Pink is a South Korean-Thai group. They’re very talented, it’s their music that will decide if they’re good or great. Listening to some of their music right now gives me chills, I recommend listening to some of their songs, it’s  different and makes you wanna dance when no ones watching. 53 more words

Kpop Groups

CLC Wins My Heart

So  I was looking for new K-pop songs and just stumbled upon CLC’s new song called Hobgoblin. It was released today! This is a girl group under the label Cube Entertainment. 130 more words


SES release their MV for Paradise

I’m shook

Like gurrl


S.E.S is the first ORIGINAL kpop girl group that released their mv for Paradise on SMTOWN. This is to celebrate their 20th anniversary together. 184 more words

Interesting Kpop Mix Part 2

Hello my beautiful peeps. :)

So today I thought I would continue with showing you some kpop songs that I thought were interesting. Hopefully you will give these songs a listen. 305 more words


Interesting Kpop Mix Part 1

These are a selection of songs that don’t necessarily go together but I find interesting and would like to share with you guys. Some of them I really like and some I’m not so sure about but I think they warrant a listen anyway. 411 more words


Sexy Yet Classy Collection

This is a Top 7 list of kpop videos that I  I find strike a perfect balance between Sexy and Classy. Obviously this is all subject to opinion. 294 more words