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P.O.P 'Catch You' in debut MV!

A new korean girl group P.O.P (pronounced as Pee-Oh-Pee) is planning on debuting sometime in 2017 under DWM Entertainment. The group is rumored to consist to 6 members.Their members are  149 more words

បទចំរៀងក្រុមនារី K-POP ទាំង១០ ដែលទទួល​បានអ្នកមេីលច្រេីន​​ជាងគេ

ប៉ុន្មានឆ្នាំចុងក្រោយមកនេះយេីងសង្កេតឃេីញថាវិស័យចម្រៀងក្រុមនារី K-POP ទទួលបានការគាំទ្រ យ៉ាង ខ្លាំង ពីអ្នកគាំទ្រជុំវិញពិភពលោក។ បេីនិយាយពីចំនួនរបស់បទចម្រៀងរបស់ពួកគេក៏កេីនឡេីងគួរអោយកត់សម្គាល់ផងដែរ។ តោះមកមេីល បទចំរៀងក្រុមនារី  K-POP ទាំង១០ ដែលទទួលបានអ្នកមេីលច្រេីនជាងគេ (គិតត្រឹមថ្ងៃទី១៧ ខែមិថុនា ឆ្នាំ២០១៧ ម៉ោង៧:៣០នាទីយប់ )

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Fasholution | K-Pop_Red Velvet

Hello my friends

Today I have another series to introduce. Fasholution = Fashion + Evolution.
My plan is to show you the evolution of Girl Group Fashion… 349 more words


Interview: Chasing Velvet

I am back with another interview and I am so excited for this one because it’s with CHASING VELVET!!! If you didn’t know Chasing Velvet is a four female piece band from Australia. 485 more words


APRIL - STING Lyrics (에이프릴-따끔)

Ok, so.. 4 April 2017 kemarin Mnet lewat M2 udah siarin first reality show nya April yaitu A-if-ril or Aifril dan itu seru bangettttt. As always our… 359 more words

Brave Girls be Rollin'

Hey there peeps this is a quick post because I just noticed that Brave girls dropped there MVs for their new song Rollin’. Yes MVs as in plural. 355 more words