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Astudyintea Recommends: Taeyeon I Got Love ♡

My first k-pop related post and also my first post that is not on Wednesday 😋 I had to make a post on this song and MV somehow because everything about I Got Love is pure perfection 😍 290 more words


TAEYEON - I Got Love

yuineun shwiweo
i bameul bonael geu heunhan bangbeop
geureogien urin jom dalla bunmyeong
geureoja bame mabeobi yongmangi dari soksagyeo
gwaenchana Honey
eodumi gipeo bimireul deopeo jul teni… 187 more words

Song Review: Taeyeon - I Got Love

Taeyeon has been churning out solo material at an incredibly consistent pace since 2015’s I. Along with Mark from NCT, I’d argue that she’s become SM’s busiest single artist. 322 more words


Taeyeon Drops Uhm Jung Hwa-esque Pre-Release Single I Got Love

Taeyeon, rather unexpectedly, released a music video for pre-release single I Got Love intended for her upcoming full solo album.

If I was told that this was an advertisement for Jewellery I wouldn’t question it for a second, SM are missing out on some major sponsorship pennies here they need to get on the phone to Swarovski and ask them if they want their logo slapped in the corner ASAP! 242 more words


I Got Love - Taeyeon (태연) - MV [Lyrics Coming Soon!]

Single: I Got Love
Korean Title:
English Title: I Got Love

TAEYEON bursts onto the Music Scene of 2017!
Before the release of the new album, the music video of the song “I Got Love” will be pre-released. 31 more words

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It’s almost SNSD 10th anniversary. Dear me, I’m already tearing up writing this, just thinking about it. Despite, all the new Kpop groups debuting, my heart and soul truly only belongs to these wonderful 9 girls whom I grown to love. 1,108 more words


Bagi yang pernah mengenal Author Maria Kim pasti mengetahui tentang Fanfict-Fanfict karangannya di fiksiyulsic.wordpress.com

Maria Kim adalah Author Gracia sendiri,karena kesibukan dan banyak keperluan sehingga banyak sekali proyek-proyek Fanfict yang tidak terselesaikan. 201 more words