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Which girl of Girls are you?

Last Sunday was the season finale of Girls – and what a finale!

I think the last season was a bit silly and people got a little fed up of the girls’ attitudes towards the future, relationships and life in general. 477 more words


The 5 best moments of the 'Girls' season finale

Despite the titular girls getting in some of their usual shenanigans and trainwrecks in the season finale, Home Birth was actually a pretty uplifting episode and showed Hannah and co. 606 more words


Yes Shosh!

Why is Adam’s sister still a sub-plot? Someone seriously, please explain. Never mind, I’m just going to ignore that entire shit show portion of the… 223 more words


Girls, Girls, Girls: Desi is the Worst

We’re back again with an on-time Girls recap (two weeks in a row! We’re on a roll.). This week was Adam and Mimi-Rose-less, but there was still some major stuff going on, so if you don’t want spoilers come back after you’ve watched! 716 more words


Stressed, Depressed and Not Well Dressed? Say hello to your 'Quarter- Life Crisis', my friend.

Are you thinking to yourself, “I miss being the age where I thought I would have my shit together by the time I was the age I am now”. 823 more words

Trinidad And Tobago

How Elizabeth I taught me to stop Facebook-stalking men

I haven’t written about romance or relationships before. If you have read my posts before, you know I am very honest. But speaking of insecurities related to love puts one in a vulnerable position. 897 more words

Sincerity And Stuff

Mimi Rose Howard: The 21st Century Independent GIRL? 

If you’re an avid watcher of HBO’s “Girls”, you’ve probably formulated some sort of opinion about Mimi Rose.

In the latest episode, she nonchalantly tells Adam that she can’t go for a run because she’s just had an abortion. 536 more words

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