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Sorel Launches Video Series With 'OITNB' & 'Girls' Stylist

Columbia Sportswear Co.’s Sorel brand, known largely for its winter gear, wants to tell consumers a different, year-round story. To help spread that message, the brand today launched a video and social media campaign with an of-the-moment stylist. 178 more words

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Apparently I spent the whole day wearing a twisted bra. I barely noticed.

Also, I just started watching Girls, and it’s pretty great. I’m enjoying it. 10 more words

I Am A Bad Feminist, And So Are You

Feminism has slowly but surely began to take over the world as of lately. With social media being such a popular and widely used aspect of our daily lives, millions of women and men alike are free to share their opinions and educate others on issues that they feel are important. 733 more words


You're still a feminist if...

Have you ever been on social media or read an article that was promoting feminism and felt completely empowered? Awesome if yes, but there are a few among us who feel that they don’t need feminism (Lol, you do) but there are also the kind of terms and phrases, used by so-called feminists, knocking around that can often make us feel a little deflated. 587 more words

The Devil Wears Primark

4 Reasons You Should Download GIRLS Season 4 in Digital HD Immediately

So the latest season of GIRLS is already available to download in HD on iTunes. Obviously I’ve already downloaded the entire season on my macbook, then streamed onto my flatscreen with Apple TV for a flawless viewing experience. 324 more words