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Single-sex vs. Co-ed Schooling for Girls: What You Need to Know

The single-sex versus co-ed school debate is back in the headlines in Australia after The Armidale School (TAS) in New South Wales (NSW) announced it will enroll girls starting in 2016. 953 more words

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Professional distance and politics

In this week’s “Tough Young Teachers”, one of the trainees talks about professional distance, mentioning he’s not a father/brother/uncle, but a teacher. Sure, the lesson of his week seemed to be that letting his guard down a bit led to big gains with a hard-to-reach student; but most teachers will agree with the dictum of professional distance. 1,055 more words


Women in literature (or: this one’s for the girls)

I didn’t choose to work in a girls’ school. It just sort of happened. Twice. I wasn’t even aware, the first time, that girls’ schools existed outside of the independent sector. 477 more words


All in the Family – Lessons in Leadership

Being a head can be isolating. It’s not just because of the old adage that it’s lonely at the top. It’s also self-inflicted. Particularly in my early years as a head, I found the daily demands of the job to be so intense that I couldn’t even begin a data download with my husband at the end of the day as any additional feedback or opinions could put me over the edge. 717 more words

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Reading Between The Lines: What A College List Doesn't Tell You

It has become customary for schools to publish a list of college decisions each May. Working in the college admissions field for more than 13 years, I have come to understand that, no matter how impressive, the college list alone does not convey what is truly important and meaningful about a young person’s college admissions story. 661 more words

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Challenging the Coed Standard: A Single-Sex Education Makes all the Difference for Girls

It’s time to challenge the coeducation standard. The evidence supporting the benefits of all-girls schools is abundant.

A new report comparing all-girls high school environments to coeducational institutions provides clear evidence that—from academics to personal aspirations—the impact of the all-girls experience positively permeates a girl’s life at rates coeducational environments simply cannot match.

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The Beauty of Summer: Time to Read

As the educators of girls we have committed our life’s work to developing, inspiring, and guiding our students to become their best selves. We are dedicated to girls’ education and understand deeply the value our work has on current and future generations. 361 more words

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