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Winter Reading - Terms and Conditions: Life in Girls' Boarding Schools 1939-1979

When I was a boy, I used to wonder why my mother was slightly, well, odd. Not odd as in mentally unstable, or even eccentric. Just different from the mothers of my friends, who used to radiate confidence in social situations, parties and school events. 1,684 more words


To Inspire Girls Today, Honor the Groundbreaking Women of History

This weekend, one of the country’s preeminent computer scientists celebrates a birthday. Not Bill Gates or Larry Page. And not Mark Zuckerberg. It’s someone we don’t hear very much about: “Amazing Grace” Hopper. 713 more words

Girls' Schools

James Damore, let me take you to girls only schools in Sri Lanka, where we breed leaders every day

So this is quite the write up – no surprise it has stirred up minds. I mean, I am glad someone wrote this. Bold, upfront thoughts that can be dissected line by line. 1,840 more words

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Summertime Reading for Girls

As another school year winds down, days are filled with final exams and report cards, end-of-year traditions and graduation. Then comes that much need time for rejuvenation and reflection… summer! 163 more words

Girls' Schools