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_Poetry vs. Sports_

I’m lonely.. I’m lonely because I’ve been single for a long time.. In March 2017, it’s going to be 5 years..


I’ve been struggling lately, because every time someone asks me what I want in a guy or what my type is, it would appear that it changes over time, sometimes even in a matter of weeks. 269 more words

Why everyone should be a feminist

I need feminism because I need to be able to feel safe enough to take out the trash at night. I need feminism to avoid being cat called. 444 more words


Yes... you can also be Friendzoned (for girls)

“There is no word like Friendzone in boy’s dictionary, in case they want anything like same… Sisterzone and GetLostZone is quite famous”

First thing to get into mind is, there is no sanskari boy exist in the world who would friendzoned or sisterzone any girl without any proper reason. 539 more words

My Thoughts

That [Space] before the word friend

I’m not talking about the personal space, I’m talking about the spelling where there is a between two words and if that get remove will make the change the meaning of the combination. 295 more words

My Thoughts

“Pink for her & black for him”- who decides?

I was scrolling down the Facebook page and noticed a post, “Every cool girl is a half boy”. I agreed with the line. Hence I clicked on the ‘like’ option. 703 more words

Girls Need Affection: Guys Need Sex

Girls need affection 
Guys need sex
When a guy knows he’s not getting it
The warning bells scream next…
Girls think of the future
Guys hold onto “now”
I think the future scares them
So that “talk” they won’t allow 
Girls are more “emotional”
They express how they feel
Guys are more conserved
With you they can’t be real
When girls say that they love you
They mean just what they say
When a guy says he loves you
It’s just to make you stay
To girls sex= feelings
For guys no, not so much
For them it could be casual
Just want a girl to touch
Girls hold on to ex’s
It seems they can’t let go
Guys have called it logic
To move on with the flow
Girls are hurt by one guy
Then think they’re all the same
But guys, they often prove this
New guy, same hurtful game
In breakups loss is different
Both can feel upset and vex
Girls ‘cause their hearts are broken
Guys because there’s no more sex
Sex versus affection
The battle of the sexes
But both need each other
To reach life’s great apexes
So let’s agree on one thing
The word “need” is overused
There’s sex and there’s affection
I wonder what each sex will choose…

thoughts from a house full of boys...

Once upon a time I believed gender was a social construct… but along came my two very adorable and completely truck, mud, ball and wrestling obsessed little boys.  66 more words

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