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| Long Distance Relationships + Moving |


Probably one of the toughest decisions a couple will make.

Mixed with multiple possibilities for couples who are looking for more space from each other or work or a neutral excuse to take a break. 242 more words


An All-Female Reboot of "Lord of the Flies" - Ooooo I don't know about this one!

How’s This Going To Work?

Lord of the Flies, the classic William Golding novel about a group of boys marooned on an island and forced to form their own society, is being made into a film . 833 more words


| Dumb Questions Boys Ask Girls |

I need y’all to suggest the appropriate response to these dumb questions girls/ladies get asked on a daily basis!

  1. Do you cook?
  2. Why do you need makeup?
  3. 72 more words

One month down

So, Little Man is one month old today. That leaves two months of the so-called “fourth trimester.”

I get it. I remember when my last child was a baby repeating to myself, Just get to three months. 209 more words