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NERF! Can girls play it too?

Of course! I love Nerf! Good thing the Nerf Company got to make another series of Nerf Guns, intended for girls! I have been a big fan of Nerf ever since, I just wasn’t able to buy one because they were boyish guns, and I was ashamed if people will think I’m boyish or something. 88 more words


We Should Totally Enslave All Men...NOT: The School for Good and Evil: A World without Princes

Wow, this book was great. I give it a rating of Masterly (see my rating scale at the bottom). The first book was an emotional roller coaster, jostling you every which way until your head spins. 242 more words


Haters Gonna Hate

Me: “Dude… you said that to Harry? He’s your best friend.”

The Boy: “It’s okay, Mom. We’re boys. Girls hate in silence. Boys hate out loud. We’ll get over it.”


What does it mean to do something like a GIRL?

This commercial was by far my favorite one in the super bowl this year. I liked it mostly just because I play sports and I hear people refer to how I play and how some other play, “You hit like a girl,” “You throw like a girl,” “Come on suck it up you girl,” and my favorite one is, “You’re not that bad for a girl.” Is that supposed to be a complement? 118 more words

Girls Vs Boys

The difference between boys & girls

Texting Turkey’s mom this morning:

Me: Monkey is relentless every morning, telling me she wants Turkey to go to church with her again and then the science center and tree house. 79 more words


Stupid Question Time

Just because I feel like ranting a little…

Do guys struggle with body image issues as much as girls do? Like do they really? Do you sit and compare yourselves to other dudes and think, “damn I hate that guy, he’s got such sick abs and biceps, that mother f**ker.” Do they make excuses for the guys that look better? 34 more words


Women in STEM by the Moderate Engineer

I created rchoochoo to write about serious things, like my world views, in addition to travel. But every time an idea would pop into my head, I’d say NO IT’S 1 AM AND I HAVE TO GO TO BED and I’d go to bed, or I’d try to write and leave an empty box. 1,229 more words