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What Society Teaches Little Girls

I watched this video today and hearing Lilly’s self-perception broke my heart and yet I think it is just the perfect example as to what is wrong with our society and the values that are being portrayed on TV, in magazines, on social media and so forth. 992 more words


The Top 50 ‘Girls’ Guest Stars, Ranked

Over six seasons, Girls has welcomed a ridiculously talented group of actors, comedians, singers, and even fashion designers to fill its many guest spots. Some of these bold-faced names pop up in a single episode or even just one scene, like Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, who plays a rehab patient in the Season 3 premiere; some have arcs over several episodes; and others unexpectedly return years after their first appearance, which is rare on TV but not in life. 2,541 more words


The WWE's Bray Wyatt Has A Real-Life Sister Who's Actually Kind Of Hot

I haven’t watched WWE in years, which is a shame because I totally would if it was any good. But it just isn’t. The characters cornier and the costumes flamboyant, the WWE is a shell of it’s former self. 238 more words


Fox News' 'Hannity' Went To Spring Break In South Padre Island, Texas

The Fox News television show Hannity did their usual spring break coverage where they travel to a college hot spot, then act like total buzzkills. For this year’s “exclusive” look into what goes on at spring break, … 142 more words


United Airlines: Rethink Your Dress Code

For those of you who have immersed yourself in the Twitter world, you probably saw that United Airlines was trending and usually when a company or service is trending, it’s not always for the best reasons. 415 more words

Girl Down

I watched a movie called The Fits last night. I had heard it reviewed on the movie podcast I listen to a number of weeks ago so when it popped up as a 99c movie rental on iTunes I went for it. 618 more words


21 Girls Confess What They Can't Stand About Their Boyfriends

Relationships can be so incredible that sometimes we forget that even the ones we love the most can drive us crazy. These girls love their  42 more words

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