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Did You Say, Target?

Across my different social media platforms my biographies all say, “The self-proclaimed spokeswoman for all things Target”. That being said, I figured it was only appropriate to finally write an article about the store we all… 867 more words

One Step Forward, One Million Steps Back: Girls 6x02 "Hostage Situation"

I can’t say enough good things about “Hostage Situation.” It was everything we love about Girls–dysfunctional coming-of-age moments, even-more-dysfunctional female friendships, hilarious one-liners about hipsters and the Pacific Northwest. 1,969 more words


What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Basic White Women?

This is an observation. I’ve noticed something in the last couple of years regarding our reactions to depictions of women in the media. It’s something I’m not completely comfortable talking about, so I want to make one think clear out front. 1,184 more words


Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face with Micro-Beads

It seems pretty silly that the products we wash our face and bodies with daily can be a huge danger to marine life. But in reality these little plastic beads that are in so many products can be extremely harmful. 478 more words

Ocean Conservation



Thread-like strands

that grow on skin.

Those thread-like strands were

More than something on her skin.

They were the reason of stares.

The reason of whispers. 213 more words


Meet Alexandra from Boston U.

There are a lot of disappointed Celtics fans out there right now after another quiet trade deadline, so the BC office is going to throw you guys a bone and dedicate today’s college girl post to Alexandra from Boston University. 21 more words