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Young woman smoking

Shot with Mamiya RB67, which was a great camera for portraits.

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Breaking the barriers..!! 

In our lives we life… We have a culture… And in India we have male dominated culture. Even if we have to get some stuffs or a anything, we need to have a discussion. 173 more words

Tough You

👯👸👧Girl Rainbow🌈🌈🌈

Hi people.I am rainbow.My way of life is almost closer to girls life in India.My parents are sunlight and rain.I am cute pie for them.But they never allow me outside,when my dad sunlight is strict in summer I can’t come outside.And my mom rain when she is strict in rainy season I too can’t come out.So only when tow are free they take me outside that too for only few hours.I am literally in a sweet jail.They say that people are dangerous,they will smile at you and they take photos of you and upload in social websites without your permission.Some pervert clouds may flirt with you and cheat you in name of love.Some black naughty clouds may touch you and sexually assault you. 184 more words

Facial Essentials by Clean and Clear You Should Try

Welcome back to the third Saturday of September! I am so happy that I can finally rest my head on the pillow without having any burdens, close my eyes gracefully without any deadlines, and breathe peacefully without any madness, yet it also happens for now. 405 more words


More Femininity for the Feminists/ Femeninas, no Feministas

More Femininity for the Feminists

How funny it is to see all these women who run around calling themselves feminists, however they act as if the word, by definition meant that women should have a rejection to the male figure and that our movement should be in favor of segregation of the genders just for ours to rise above an take some sort of extraordinary pride in it. 617 more words

Girl Kiss.

Riverbanks where children ran past laughing
while your sweet lips gave me my
first girl kiss.
you chuckled,
it was all for fun!
but my heart felt revived, 212 more words