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Periods at an early age, why?

Some get it when they’re 9, others still haven’t had it and are already 14 years old. A number of things can influence why some girls start menstruating at a very early age. 221 more words

Because I'm Moving On..

I still remember going to my Mimi’s on Good Friday and one of the first things she asked was about me and my boyfriend. The awkward thing is that the night before we had broken up. 522 more words

Break Up

Cebollitas ep. 390-409

I’m heading more and more to the end of this series. Still some new colors. I have also updated the list by color. Episode 390 missing. 98 more words


10 Things I want my Princesses to know before they grow up

I am raising royalty. I have 5 adorable, amazing, beautiful, brilliant, caring, crazy, demanding, daring, excitable and .. well I could complete the alphabet on how much I think of my girls. 1,712 more words


Getting our girls to raise chicken

I am not ashamed of taking some of my inspiration from Facebook memes. They are no New Yorker Magazine cartoons, granted, but they sometimes can be pretty astute. 617 more words


Making Friends in the 21st Century!

Getting older, I have realised it has become harder to make friends. First year university was great, because everyone was so eager to find a new buddy and I am sure once I am out in the real world and working I will make some more friends, but currently in my second degree and being in my later years of my early 20s, I have found it quite hard to make some new friends. 219 more words


Ted Cazey is one of my favourite artist’s at the moment. 
Seve is the perfect summer song.
In light of the summer starting here in South Africa, I thought I’d share what I was listening to and the chilled tunes of an amazing artist. 

Have a beautiful day