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What Does it Mean to Fully Transition?

Yesterday I was graced with the opportunity to discuss The Cis Jungle on The Talk UC and in light of that I am going to switch gears a bit and change topics. 954 more words


The Body Image Issue part 2 of 2

Remaining completely honest and transparent about my feelings and experiences with my own body image it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I don’t think that my thoughts and feelings are uncommon as a trans person. 878 more words


Cis Privilege

I wanted to talk about a very expansive topic that actually could take days to discuss but I’m going to attempt to sum it up in one post; cisgender privilege. 2,322 more words


Welcome To The Cis Jungle

Cis•individuals whose gender identity match the sex assigned to them at birth. A term that describes the vast majority of people, people who are not trans. 367 more words


Pink Sweater Pizza

OMG I could feel every damn bump on the stupid Bus. THIS, is coming down from Drugs? Feels like the flu? Jordan the stripper and I took turns coming out of the bathroom “purifying the vessel”, we weren’t talking to each other. 2,481 more words


International Women's Day #IWD

International Women’s Day

By: Ms. K

Today is International Women’s Day!  Being a woman, we carry so much on our shoulders yet we always strive for excellence, by breaking boundaries and reaching higher limits. 169 more words