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To My Friend Who Thinks It's Okay For People to Mock Me This Halloween

There’s a new controversy making the rounds on social media and in online journalism about a new Halloween costume. It seems to me every year there’s at least one boundary-pushing, “edgy” get-up that makes headlines, and no surprise, this year it’s Caitlyn Jenner. 1,031 more words


Is Drag Like Blackface?

For those of you who may not be aware of Glasgow Free Pride, it is an event existing in a sort of counter-culture to gay culture (which is in itself a counter-culture to straight ‘culture’ #cultureception). 1,229 more words


Days 43 to 49. Recovering Myself

The experience of adopting a false self for a week has really taken it out of me. Since coming back I haven’t been able to do very much at all. 821 more words

Days 37 to 42. Living a Lie Again

I’ve decided to join together all the days that I’m back in the closet again. These days are not part of my transition per se although it could be said that these backwards steps are all part of the journey. 1,061 more words

Day 29. The Importance of Terminology

You know transgender people have hit the front rank of news stories when the BBC website publishes a guide to terminology when dealing with trans people.  957 more words

Day 28. Caitlyn Jenner and Cisnormative Ideas of Beauty

Well, trans people have gone high visibility again thanks to another high profile transition. This time a reality TV star and Olympic gold medal winning decathlete. 1,037 more words

Days 26 and 27. Feeling Overwhelmed and Sad

Did I tell you that I also suffer from Depression and a Personality Disorder? That’s the reason I’m not working at the moment and although I am on the road towards working, there are many days that find me in a very bad place. 527 more words