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Day 19. More on Family Reactions.

I do a great deal of reading on transgender issues, my Facebook timeline is filled with links to articles about the transgender experience and I’ve just read one about families. 1,184 more words

Day 16. The Difficulties of Coming Out to a Child. Part 1

Generally my coming out has been pretty smooth; I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn’t been basically accepting. I think it’s only natural for people to express concern at the enormity of transitioning and those closest to me have done just that but I haven’t had the horror of anyone telling me: “You’re a man and you always will be!” which I have heard from a trans friend of mine. 1,016 more words

Day 15. Public toilets.

It’s one of those questions that trans people get asked: “Which toilet do you use?”. If you get to know one of us try your hardest not to ask that question because it’s also one of the most tiresome to have to answer. 947 more words

Why I'm Marching: Anonymous

By Anonymous

My comfort in suffering is this: God’s promise preserves my life. Psalms 119:50

There are so many hashtags of murder victims of police violence in the last six months alone that I can’t keep up with them anymore. 958 more words

Why We March

MSNBC Trans-themed Film ‘Carl(a)’ Gets A Second Life

“Carl(a),” a powerful 2011 drama about a transgender woman’s transition, is getting a new life thanks to an ambitious charity campaign and a climate far more receptive to its groundbreaking content. 14 more words



We are thrilled to announce that Carl(a)’s NYC premier screening is tonight at the Ziegfeld Theater – 141 W 54th St., New York, NY 10019. Starring Laverne Cox (OITNB), Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) and newcomer Joslyn DeFreece. 13 more words


Survival 101- grief part 1

Alexander posted a comment in response to my last topic What Does it Mean to Fully Transition? And in this topic I will attempt to answer those questions in another two part response. 497 more words