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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girly Girl

Calling all girly girls! Love makeup, jewelry, and accessories? This gift guide has got you covered with everything you want on your list this Christmas, including beauty gift sets, a variety of jewelry, and this season’s cutest accessories.   81 more words


Feminism and Being a "Girly" Girl

Hey Dreamers! Sorry, I haven’t been able to post. I’ve just been really caught up in NaNoWriMo and school and other things. Anyways, this post is about something I’ve been thinking of. 522 more words


Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s right, I’m a holiday baby. Want to learn more about me? Here’s 33 Emmy facts for you:

1. I love garlic.

2. I’m a clean freak. 756 more words

Saint Glam Nail Bar

My nail technician, Alora, said it best…” Nail salons are the female version of barber shops, a place to chat, relax and groom yourself.”

Meet Shardé, the owner of the extraordinary Saint Glam Nail Bar!

Searching for Yourself

How many times have we heard the phrases

“Oh you just have to find yourself.”

“I just want to be seen as ________.”

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” 465 more words


Kiehl's blogger event

Last night I attended a blogger event held at the Kiehl’s store in Cardiff.

Located in St Davids 2, the store boasted an impressive interior filled with luxury goodies, skin care saviors and oozing with style. 754 more words


You Know You're a Girly Girl When...

Or 25 ways you are girly!

You Know You’re a Girly Girl When:

1. You want everything in pink

2. You always want to be called princess… 218 more words