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Let's Get It Started

Hello and welcome! I have started this blog after gathering inspiration from being a college student. In this blog I will be chatting about all things that college women may experience during their education career. 109 more words


My Makeup Haul 


This is everything I have gotten in the last two weeks almost all of it is from sephora except for maybe 3 Things. Now if you guys would have read my about me page on my website you will know I am a makeup hoarder and I have very terrible addiction😂 if anyone has any suggestions for a makeup rehabilitation center please send me. 672 more words

Girly Swimsuits Only..

Το καλοκαίρι είναι πλέον εδώ και επίσημα. Και όλοι ξέρουν τι σημαίνει αυτό. Θάλασσα! Ήρθε επιτέλους ο καιρός που μπορείς να απολαύσεις ξέγνοιαστα τη χαρά της θάλασσας.


Tarte Scrub Clean Set! 💜

Tarte has came out with their new line that has been pretty popular lately called Rainforest! I was in Sephora with my sister looking around for some products for us to buy and ran into these sample sized skin cleansers and decided to test them out! 174 more words