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Mother's are always right

Okay lesson #1 that took me years to learn and years to accept. Mom’s are always right & believe me I just had a very hard time admitting that. 568 more words


Timing is everything

So last night was amazing.

And guess who I heard from today.

Shakespeare texted me! Haha wow. What timing, am I right?
After I have a great night getting fucked (granted it was the first time since he dumped me) I actually hear from him in a nice, “hey, whats up” kind of way. 275 more words


About me

Hello Everyone. I wanted to start my first entry off by telling you a little bit about myself, unfortunately, I am hesitant to add any personal information on my blog right now because I’m not sure what I’m going to exactly be blogging about…. 473 more words

I Heart Blog

Hi Friends!

I have missed writing my life events and thoughts out, i’m actually pretty antzy about it. I guess a lot of thoughts going on and growing up being done, which is always a good thing. 235 more words

My Nails: Angelic

Hi Guys!

I always feel like I want to share my nails with you, but most of the time they never come out good enough for me to want to take pictures and post them, but today is the day that I share them with you! 106 more words


Mint 👌🍃

Picked up these beauties today in Penney’s again ! I love the colour as they are very different to what I usually wear, being a mint colour. 40 more words