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"The Pyrenees - Is it Home from Home?"

“TRAVELLING – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Batutta

As good as we are at travelling the world and embracing new cultures.

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Five Days in Spain

Last month, my mom and I had the pleasure of jumping on a plane to Spain (no rain sighted). We rendezvoused with my brother in Barcelona, where we spent the majority of our trip. 1,091 more words

Costa Brava, Spain Vintage Poster

Colorful mid-century vintage travel poster for Costa Brava, Spain. Circa 1959. This poster has been restored to bring out it’s original beauty.

Costa Brava, Spain; Vintage Travel Poster by vintagevivian


Girona: thoughts and fears

With my year abroad approaching, I thought it’d be interesting for my future-self to see what I was thinking before heading off and if my reality stayed in line with my expectations. 333 more words


Reflecting without structure

I never thought I would experience culture shock. Any time I heard of a U.S. native going abroad for a few months and coming back, complaining that they didn’t fit in anymore or couldn’t integrate into society, I assumed it was an exaggeration, or just a method of bragging that was able to transcend past their actual experience. 476 more words