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What is GIS? What are its applications?

Geographical information sciences is the science of computerized data management, used to capture, store, manage, retrieve, analyze, and display spatial information (NOAA). It integrates disciplines and technologies including remote sensing, surveying, photogrammetry, spatial analysis, cartography, and computer science. 299 more words

Dissolve polygons in R

Dissolving polygons is another fairly elementary GIS task that I need to perform regularly. With R this is can be a bit involved, but once done is fully reproducible and the code can be re-used. 550 more words


Clipping polygons in R

Clipping polygons is a basic GIS task. It involves removing unneeded polygons outside of an area of interest. For example, you might want to study all local authorities (LADs) in the Yorkshire and the Humber region but can only obtain shapefiles that contain all the LADs in the UK. 885 more words


Finding Best Route with Route - Network Analyst (ArcGIS)


Merupakan analisis untuk menentukan rute terpendek, tercepat ataupun rute lain berdasarkan kebutuhan. Untuk menentukan rute terpendek maka pada data harus terdapat atribut jarak, sedangkan untuk menentukan rute tercepat maka pada data harus terdapat atribut waktu (detik, menit, jam). 209 more words


Preparation for Network Analyst (ArcGIS)


Untuk melakukan network analyst terlebih dahulu harus disiapkan data yang nantinya akan digunkanan dalam analisis tersebut. Hal terpenting dalam network analyst yaitu adalah data jalan. 283 more words


Adding custom map tiles from Stamen as Tile layers in ArcGIS Online

Adding custom base maps gives the user the freedom to place layers on base maps generated from other sources. For the demo. the source of our custom base map is from Stamen maps.  313 more words


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Summer Work in Higher Education

Anyone who follows the trials and tribulations of higher education have little choice but to conclude the very foundations of Higher Education are being undermined. Higher Education and the intellectual integrity of the United States is being worried away by people and special interests who really don’t seem to appreciate the consequences of their actions. 2,531 more words