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CCTV-Video Linked to Pipe

Did you know that one of the additional GIS services we offer you (our wonderful clients) is linking CCTV inspection information into your application?!

The process of linking CCTV data into your GIS is similar to the process we use for  149 more words


Playing with distances between features

As usual in ArcGIS, different tools can deliver similar results. In this post, a map has been generated to show how to filter features according to their position with respect to other elements. 76 more words



Regular readers will know that my most persistent fear since being referred to the Gender Identity Service (GIS) has been that at some point a clinician was going to shake their head sadly and inform me that, in their considered opinion, I wasn’t far enough along the scale of gender dysphoria to justify their support. 1,857 more words


Movement data in GIS #9: trajectory data models

There are multiple ways to model trajectory data. This post takes a closer look at the OGC® Moving Features Encoding Extension: Simple Comma Separated Values (CSV). 617 more words


Public Toilet Location? Is it too much of work?

Yes, you do need toilet location information before you ever can them. So, I have studies GIS (stands for Geographic Information System ) platforms, such as ArcGIS Online, Waze, and Q-GIS project by adding another layer GIS location data regarding to where public and open toilets are as well as human behavioral information in coordinate with what choice the end user may decide on. 352 more words

National Fire Prevention Week

As this week is National Fire Prevention Week, we will take a look into how GIS technology is providing awareness and safety to the communities in Northern California that are currently being ravished by deadly wildfires. 240 more words