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Geographical Information Systems

This article was written by our volunteer Kieren Massie, who has spent the past two months at AWF working on a geographical information systems project! 133 more words


Google maps improvements 

Google maps is a very useful tool, it has changed over the years but this week there are a few key changes that are coming. Read the article and see what you think. 84 more words

Using QGIS Cloud as a PostGIS database

This post will demonstrate how to deploy layers created in QGIS Desktop as PostGIS tables in QGIS Cloud. The GI Analyst can access spatial data on the cloud and download for use on desktop GIS. 300 more words


Hiệu quả công nghệ GPRS và GIS trong chiếu sáng công cộng

Theo Công ty TNHH MTV Chiếu sáng công cộng TP.Hồ Chí Minh, ứng dụng công nghệ GPRS và GIS trong điều khiển và giám sát chiếu sáng công cộng đã làm lợi cho đơn vị hàng tỷ đồng. 1,084 more words

Kiến Thức

Today's Remote Sensing Image of the day: Nishinoshima Volcanic Island Growth

This image was taken by Worldview-2 one of the many remote sensing satellites that DigitalGlobe has in its fleet. The imagery is from December 31, 2013, I love remote imagery, this is a very awesome image. 57 more words

Study Finds Strong Genetic Risk Factor for Kidney Disease

An international research collaboration has discovered a strong genetic risk factor for IgA nephropathy (IgAN) – the most common inflammatory kidney disease worldwide – and related renal dysfunction. 567 more words


NASA Datanaut Community

NASA wants YOU to engage with our open data to create innovative new thinking, processes, and products — no matter your background or expertise. Our goal: attract data newcomers, introduce and advance data science skills, and create a vibrant data problem-solving community. 13 more words