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Santa Ana Community Safety Assessment

Santa Ana Community Safety Assessment (2019) – Urban Peace Institute

“UPI worked in partnership with Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities to assess residents’ top safety concerns. 51 more words


New paper: Participatory mapping and food‐centred justice in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

The Urban Zoo project focused on the issues of transfer of disease from animals to humans, in particular in the context of Nairobi, Kenya. This is mostly a medical study, but through the involvement of UCL Development Planning Unit (DPU), issues of urban planning and urban studies were integrated. 297 more words

Citizen Science

Geospatial careers: list of companies

I have published a curated list of companies in geospatial industry which you can use when looking for a job. The list is sorted by country and with some extent by industry domain. 287 more words


Park and Walk


The City of Pasadena
is looking to initiate urban planning projects that encourage a healthy
lifestyle in the light of the rising obesity. Its goal is to install ‘park and… 240 more words


Sea Level Rise


Sea level rise is a topical issue based in the fact that climate change is accelerating the potential flooding of coastal lands. The raster calculator was used to find values at or below sea level (0m was used) and then values less than 1m. 491 more words


Music Festival Event Capacity


The planning of a music festival is largely benefited by spatial analysis methods. Event planning is a prolific field that involves planning every detail of an event including meetings, organizing speakers or performers, publicity, staffing, equipment, and maximizing the experience of the attendees. 228 more words


Notebook: Generating random points

Method for generating random points inside a polygon using QGIS. These points will be sampled within 2-ha around the nest to verify accuracy of GIS data. 137 more words

Science Notebook