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Candice Swanepoel - Endless inspiration. #felizaniversário Gisele...

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Good Luck Getting Another Picture of Tom Brady's Naked Butt

Tom Brady’s bare butt was photographed nude this week. Brady’s bare butt was on vacation with Brady’s wife Gisele during Brady’s suspension. Brady’s bare butt has apparently left the vacation to head home early because paparazzi caught Brady and Gisele hanging out in the sun again and Brady’s bare butt was nowhere to be seen. 82 more words


How Could Tom Brady Never Have Eaten a Strawberry if Gisele Eats Strawberry Parfaits Every Day?

Tom Brady was the focus of an article in NY Mag’s The Cut today. One part of the story in particular has captured the attention of the Internet is the fact that he’s never eaten a strawberry. 241 more words


Exclusive: Tom Brady on Comfort, Hair and Taking Gisele Out on the Town

After three hours of interviews, I was the last lucky guest to speak with football superstar Tom Brady this morning as he announced his latest campaign as the face of Ugg for the sixth year in a row. 480 more words


Gisele posts photo of her training with suspended Tom Brady: 'I will keep him ready'

Have no fear, New England Patriots fans: Suspended Tom Brady has the perfect training partner.

Just look at what his wife Gisele Bundchen posted on Instagram as Brady prepares to sit for four weeks thanks to Deflategate: 91 more words