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git productivity tip

git provides an efficient shortcut to refer to a previous branch: “-“. It can be used to quickly switch to a previous branch or to merge current branch. 92 more words


New Ruby On Rails App : things git needs to ignore in .gitignore

One should not allow git to stage all the files within the application directory. Things need to be filtered out in terms of security, privacy and relevance. 95 more words


GIT repository cleanup after migration from TFS

Our project has been migrated from TFS & TFVC to VSO & GIT. I’ve faced with some¬†issues during this migration and would like to post solutions here. 544 more words


Git Command: Part II

In previous article I have discussed commands that you can run locally, but if you want to collaborate with others developers on your work¬†then we need some hosting service which can host the git repository… 835 more words


Git Commands: Part I


Git: It is distributed version control system, used to manage versions of your project that can be accessed through command line. It is simple to use and you can create your git repository and start working on it. 635 more words