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Water Cooler Web Dev Talk #16

Water Cooler Web Dev Talk #16I have to say that I did not have much time to prepare for this episode, but had enough to find some very useful information out on the web that is getting some face time. 105 more words

Web Development

Water Cooler Web Dev Talk #15

This week is a mixture of a little bit of everything from developer tools, new frameworks, interesting editorials, and more. I try to stay on course with the information that I have found interesting, but there are times during the podcast that I get off course simply because there were interesting parts of the talk that I also found myself thinking about when I originally found this content. 104 more words


Getting Git pt 1: Finding a problem that git solves.

This sounds totally awesome! So when do I git to use it?
Recently I’ve tried to commit to an open-source project, and it’s                managed using git. 338 more words

File Management

Git applying patches

This quick blog post is about applying git patches to your git repo.


git apply


git apply /home/denuwanthi/Downloads/product-greg.patch

Before applying the patch you can check wether there a re any issues using the following command. 65 more words


Beautify Readme.md on Github

Today I was updating the README.md file of the repository on Github and then I thought to make it look good. So I searched about it. 81 more words


Git error out of memory, died with strange error

To resolve errors like
warning: suboptimal pack – out of memory
fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed)
error: pack-objects died with strange error

Please assign git memory more i.e 128 or 256 with following command… 18 more words


How to rollback to previous commit on Git?

First of all, you need to check the commit id of the previous changed state. You can do it using command:

git log

or you can also modify to ease in finding id like: 17 more words