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A Simple guide on GIT

GIT is a version controlled system which you can use to maintain code for your project. It helps you to save your project at different versions, so that you can retrieve a previous version of your project without any problem. 942 more words


Installing Git Flow in Windows


Today,I wanna share about Git Flow. Git Flow is extension of Git that created to make easy manage Vincent Driessen’s branching model. Git is one of open source VCS (Version Control System) that help manage your project. 460 more words


git push on different heroku environments

Changes will push to different heroku locations and db migrate.

$ git push staging master
$ heroku run rake db:migrate --remote staging

$ git push production master… 19 more words


How to add git remote for heroku app?


Following commands will help to add git remote for heroku app:

$ git remote -v

$ heroku apps

$ heroku info -a APP

$ git remote add staging Git URL… 14 more words


Migrating TFS 2013 Source Control to Git With History

I have been recently asked by one of the client to migrate from TFS 2013 to Git. The reason for the request was TFS 2013 was massive tool and for the company size that is not fit tool to enable what is required by the client. 461 more words

TFS Server

Automatically Deploy with Jenkins and Git (Part 2)


Today, I will show to you how to create a new job to deploy source code in Git Server to Deployment Server by Jenkins. In previous article, we have installed successful Jenkins, so we will use it to create new job. 392 more words


Automatically Deploy with Jenkins and Git (Part 1)


Jenkins is an open source Continuous Integration tool. Originally started as Hudson in 2004 but due to a dispute in 2011 they forked and continued under the name, Jenkins. 340 more words