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Editing your own Composer vendor packages within a project

This is real easy, but i keep forgetting which option to use!

If you have separated some of your code into a composer vendor package, and are currently using it in a project, it can be annoying if you need to update it. 134 more words


[Git Command] Git pull and override local modification

This article is not a tutorial of git command, there are already so many articles explained the usage of git.

So it is only a sticky note for me, only ! 28 more words


Installing & Using Git on your server

This tutorial explains how to install git on your server & use git to deploy your application to server. This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of git. 700 more words


Remove file from git

git rm file.txt removes the file from the repo but also deletes it from the local file system.

To remove the file from the repo and… 14 more words

Rubu On Rails

Git hooks with PowerShell

It’s time to provide some client-side hooks for our Git repository! Git hooks are stored in the .git directory under following path:


As you can see there’s plenty of them, ending with… 299 more words


Git plumbing with PowerShell

In the recent post I’ve shown the need of securing the development branch in GitFlow. The same should be applied to all release branches and hotfixes as well. 436 more words


GNU love for Windows

I wanted to be able to type in Windows with a familiar text editor. I downloaded a terminal text editor called gvim, which I think is a good text editor, and it was able to be installed… 511 more words