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Git error out of memory, died with strange error

To resolve errors like
warning: suboptimal pack – out of memory
fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed)
error: pack-objects died with strange error

Please assign git memory more i.e 128 or 256 with following command… 18 more words


How to rollback to previous commit on Git?

First of all, you need to check the commit id of the previous changed state. You can do it using command:

git log

or you can also modify to ease in finding id like: 17 more words


SSH Key Authentication with GitLab

Every time i start building a product for a new company, one of the first step is creating a repository and uploading SSH key. Instead of browsing the web looking for a reminder on how to do it, i decided i’ll post the quickest solution here. 155 more words


Git : some useful tricks

In this post, I would like to list some useful commands while you are working with git.


For all unstaged files: 246 more words

Tips And Tricks

Git branch name in zsh terminal

Ever wondered how nice it would be, to always know which git branch you’re current on, in a given directory? If so, then i encourage you to give  42 more words


Create a Github repository with Local CLI

  1. Create a https://github.com/ account if does not exist yet.
  2. Login in https://github.com/
  3. After login click “Settings” button located right-top corner of your account page.
  4. 505 more words

Updating your GitHub.com Fork

Github.com hosts a large number of open source repositories. You can often fork these repositories, however keeping the fork updated with the master can be challenging. 83 more words