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Continuous Integration with Jenkins for a Multi-Developer Python Project Using a Local Git Server


Two Python developers working on same project with Git for version control and Jenkins for continuous integration.



Using git for past

If you have some changes that you want to be shown as it were committed in past, then you may use this command:

GIT_AUTHOR_DATE='Mon Jan 26 16:32:33 2015 +0530' GIT_COMMITTER_DATE='Mon Jan 26 16:32:33 2015 +0530' git commit -m 'commit message here'
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Some unknow git commands

To loose the unstaged changes to a file (i.e. reverting to the committed changes) while using git:

git checkout <file-name>

It will not loose another unstaged or staged changes. 154 more words

6 Month Training


 0 – $ git status

  1. GIT ADD

$ git add aydes/apps_aydes/resources/db_scripts/releases/1.6.0/00584_AYD-22028.
sql aydes/apps_aydes/modules/webapps/Aydes-Gui-war/src/main/webapp/servicegroup
/assignmentdetail/functionallist/personnelListDT.xhtml aydes/apps_aydes/modules
list/assignmentDT.xhtml aydes/apps_aydes/modules/services/model-facade/src/main


$ git commit -m… 66 more words


Add Git Autocomplete to Terminal

A nifty edition to the git command line is autocomplete. First, get the git completion script:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/git/git/master/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash -o ~/.git-completion.bash

Then edit your ~/.bash_profile file to add the following code: 48 more words


Git - my aliases

git config --global alias.poule 'pull'
git config --global alias.s 'status'
git config --global alias.hist 'log --pretty=format:"%h %ad | %s%d [%an]" --graph --date=short'
git config --global alias.a 'add .'
git config --global alias.pl 'pull'
git config --global alias.ac '!git add . 15 more words

Đồng bộ database (mysql) giữa các lập trình viên trong nhóm (wordpress) với git

Trong lập trình web, để đồng bộ database giữa các pc của lập trình viên nhiều khi phải thực hiện thủ công, export và import khá mất thời gian và không đồng bộ. 168 more words