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git config

edit the file: $HOME/.gitconfig

co = checkout
ci = commit
st = status
br = branch
hist = log --pretty=format:\"%h %ad | %s%d [%an]\" --graph --date=short…
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Going forward, going back

Work has taken me away from my coding journey for a couple of days. This made me a little sad, as I was really getting into the swing of things. 153 more words


SSH Key Cheat Sheet

  1. Run this command in your terminal:
    rm -rf ~/.ssh
  2. Run this command AS ONE LINE in your terminal (replace the yellow text with your github email):
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Git Cheat Sheet


To tell git to start tracking the folder you’re currently in:

git init

NOTE: git init is only done once per project!

There are two steps to save a version in Git: 85 more words


Git Configuration

Enter these commands in your terminal to configure git:

git config --global color.ui true
git config --global user.name "YOUR NAME"
git config --global user.email "YOUR@EMAIL.com"
git config --list


I know it has been a long time since my last post. And that I promised that I would write more often, however, I haven’t had much time to do so. 263 more words


Choosing you default editor for git in unix system.

I used to love “nano” for a long time. But recently, I gave a try to vi and I am quite happy with it.

We can change our default editor in unix system with simple command. 24 more words