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讓Git untrack已經進repository的檔案





git rm --cached i-am-a-file-name





One Week Down!

Week one is behind us! Fridays are much different from the other days of the week which is quite refreshing. Basically yesterday was an open lab day with the exception of our Friday huddle(at 11 AM) and Iron Social(4PM). 601 more words


Version Control Systems and Git

Git is a widely used version control system that provide us to store and manage projects on the internet. First of all, lets talk about version control systems.. 279 more words


100 Days of Code -- Day 7

 One Week Down!

Wow, its already been a week. I feel like I have learned quite a bit this first week, but as always, I feel like I could have been a lot further. 1,666 more words


Top 5 Git hosting solutions

This is the era of DevOps where automation and collaboration is the key of success in software industry. This is the reason code availability is for everyone in the team is the necessity for today’s work environment. 98 more words


Here we go!

Trying to expand horizons, and perhaps explore new opportunities. Here is a link that summarizes what I’m trying to do: Preparing for a transition to data science (the Insight program) 61 more words


Pimp My Git - Git Mergetool

I like to work with git on the command line. But in some cases I prefer UI support. For example, solving merge conflicts is such a case. 711 more words

Continuous Integration