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Fasten your seat belts: Flying the Oracle Development Cloud Service (3 – Take Off - V1)

In part three of the series about the Oracle Developer Cloud we start working on a project as a member of a team in the developer cloud. 1,462 more words


Getting Started - Installing Docker/Virtualbox on Windows

Over the last day I’ve had the hardest time ever trying to get Docker to work on Windows, and after so much pain I finally got it to work. 751 more words


git အရိုးအရှင်းဆုံး လမ်းညွှန်

မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့် ပြန်ဆိုထားသော git အရိုးအရှင်းဆုံး လမ်းညွှန်ကို အောက်ပါလိပ်စာတွင် ကြည့်ရှုလေ့လာနိုင်ပါသည်။

git အရိုးအရှင်းဆုံး လမ်းညွှန်


What is Git?

Git allows a team of people to work together, all using the same files. And it helps the team cope with the confusion that tends to happen when multiple people are editing the same files. 1,938 more words

Continuous Deployment: Git Merging

I created a continuous deployment to the Microsoft Azure Web App Service in my last post. In that post, I suggested that you create a new branch on GitHub to house “the deployed code” – I called that branch “azure”. 576 more words

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Git Hack - Author Stats

git log --author="_Your_Name_Here_" --pretty=tformat: --numstat | gawk '{ add += $1; subs += $2; loc += $1 - $2 } END { printf "added lines: %s removed lines: %s total lines: %s\n", add, subs, loc }' - 32 more words