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GIT: Accented Characters in Filenames

If you are using file names with non-ASCII characters in them, then Git will sometimes behave funny.  There are some commands to know about. 239 more words


GNOME, welcome to GitLab!

This is cool. I wanted to contribute to GNOME documentation a few years ago and it was just really hard to find a way to jump in. 22 more words


Generating a git patch for a specific commit

Sometimes, for…reasons..you might have to extract the diff of a commit and apply it into…another repo.

One such case is the project I’m currently working on which uses a main repo and private pods. 101 more words

Remove a file from the latest commit of git

First, remove the commit and keep the committed data as staged files.

We can do that using soft reset.

git reset --soft HEAD^

Then, delete the file from the staging. 22 more words


How to delete a Git branch locally and remotely?

To delete a git branch locally, first move out of the branch to be deleted and then write,
git branch -d branch_to_delete

To delete a branch from remote repository, 14 more words


20 Helpful Git Commands

This post shares some useful commands which are used commonly.


For making some configuration level changes following command is used

git config --// parameters check using --help… 483 more words

Introduction to Git

Git is the open source distributed version control system. This post gives basic introduction regarding about git.

Git have different stages which are explained below. 175 more words