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Git cheat sheet

Create a branch from existing branch

git checkout -b new_branch_name source_branch_name

Specifying -b causes a new branch to be created

Merge another branch to current branch… 34 more words


GitHub compare for changelog check

Changelogs are handy sometimes, but I’m curious so I prefer to see code changes and learn new things so while the new WordPress security release came by I looked at it at GitHub with compare… 62 more words


How to: Project, frameworks, common projects, libs - Part 1

If you have been asked to upgrade the project structure or taken over some tasks to revamp your git repository in more meaningful manner- definitely, there will challenges ahead and among them would be inter-dependency of projects on common library developed in-house or 3rd party, which has its own life-cycle – master, dev, hotfix, and release. 71 more words

Làm sao để sử dụng git hiệu quả trong một dự án phần mềm

Trong bài viết này mình sẽ nói về cách sử dụng git của mình trong thời gian qua. Cách mà mình tổ chức git branching… 3,293 more words


#git cloning at root working folder. #bitbucket

if you are trying to clone git repository at root or current folder following command and switch –

PS C:\work\projects\repos\project1>git clone <repo> .

The “.” at the end denotes current folder

Resolve Git error: src refspec master does not match any

If you often come across this error it is likely you need to add additional step when you push existing source code to new repository. 83 more words

Git revert back to older commit

You have multiple commits in a branch but all gone wrong somehow and now you want to revert back to a specific commit. This is how you do: 165 more words