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Day 13-17: Recreating the Google Homepage

For the past few days I’ve been attempting to recreate the Google homepage. This is an assignment given by The Odin Project. Going into it I was terrified. 188 more words


Git Ignore further watching for file

If you have committed a file to git and now you want git to ignore or stop wathcing file for further modifications you need to use following command… 12 more words


Learn Git

Git is the industry-standard version control system for web developers.

  • git init creates a new Git repository
  • git status inspects the contents of the working directory and staging area…
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Top 3's, why you should use PowerShell DSC.

  1. Write once and run on as many server as you like which helps being productive and spare time to do interesting tasks.
  2. Always maintains the desired state, even when humans try to change settings on servers so that your confidence level is high about the environments you build.
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DevOps Journey: Setting up Git server & Client


Before embarking on my DevOps journey, I wanted to setup a Git server and client. I did not want to use the public Github or any free service. 408 more words


Playing the Long Game

Although this bootcamp is about learning to code in a short space of time, I have learned the hard way that sometimes you need to do things that slow you down right now in order to save a lot of time later. 530 more words