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How to Revert Back to Your Last Git Commit (before you've made a new commit)

So you made a commit, you’ve made some changes since then, but you haven’t yet run git add . or made a new commit. You want to roll back to your last commit. 40 more words


Moving a tag on a Git branch to a different commit

Today I slipped up when assigning a release tag to a Git repo. After committing my changes and pushing them to GitHub I tagged the HEAD as v1.0.0 and pushed the tags to the remote. 426 more words


Getting Git: pt. 1: Where do I start?

Recently I’ve tried to commit to an open-source project, and it’s managed using git. I’ve heard many times from developers, “Oh it’s on in my github repo” much like regular people say, “Just check out my facebook page.” So I was glad to start learning it. 340 more words


restore deleted branch in git local repo

git reflog
Выбраем коммит(последний удачный) – хеш
git checkout
git checkout -b restored_feature

hotfix to nice model in git

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b hotfix/${version}
//тут меняем версию
git commit -a -m ‘version changed’
//тут меняем применяем горячий фикс
git commit -a -m ‘hotfix applied’ 33 more words

gitflow in windows

Скачиваем файлы (вибираем бинарники – ищем указаный файл):
getopt.exe – http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/util-linux-ng.htm
libintl – http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/libintl.htm
libiconv – http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/libiconv.htm
Копируем эти файлы(getopt.exe, libintl3.dll, libiconv2.dll) в корень папки гита (напр. 17 more words

Se ha lanzado Git 2.3.3 con mejoras en su rendimiento

El día de ayer ha sido lanzada la tercera versión de mantenimiento de Git, este nuevo lanzamiento integrar varias corrección de errores en incluye mejoras en su rendimiento, entre otros arreglos se ha mejorado el comando “git diff –M” lo cual quiere decir que no continuará ocasionando más problemas de segmentos. 172 more words