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Display current Git Branch name in Terminal Prompt in Mac

  1. Run below command in terminal to open the file.
    sudo vim ~/.bash_profile
  2. Add below code and save the file.
    # Display current Git branch in terminal prompt.
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A Good Beginner Website on Git


I’ve had some experience with git in the past year, but I’ve by no means felt comfortable. Lately, I’ve been using Git and Github almost daily in my personal studies and projects. 58 more words


Getting started with git-flow to automate git branching workflow

This blog shows the basic usage and effect of git-flow operations.


git-flow are a set of git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for… 1,566 more words


DevOps: From Zero to Production #1

To manage a software project a few tools are needed, without any doubt the source control system is the main one.

Nowadays there are several free options hosted in the cloud, which are great if you a have a college project and you want to share it with your team, but, if what you need is a private repo for real, running on your local network then this tutorial may help. 553 more words

Useful Git Alias ......

Below are pretty useful Git alias …..

alias ggpur='ggu'
compdef _git ggpur=git-checkout

alias gignore='git update-index --assume-unchanged'
alias gignored='git ls-files -v | grep "^[[:lower:]]"'
alias git-svn-dcommit-push='git svn dcommit && git push github master:svntrunk' 421 more words


Git: Links, News And Resources (10)

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Registering remote github repository for SSH based authentication

Default authentication is based on https protocol and requires password authentication on each interaction with remote server.


To enable password-less authentication:

1. Register Git bash and ssh agent with your SSH keypairs. 21 more words