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Removing the last commit

To remove the last commit from git, you can simply run git reset --hard HEAD^ If you are removing multiple commits from the top, you can run  90 more words

Git Reset

Agile work organization on github with Zenhub

Dużym wyzwaniem podczas realizacji projektów, nawet w niewielkich teamach jest odpowiednie zorganizowanie pracy. Od wielu lat powszechnie stosowanym rozwiązaniem są karteczki. Pomimo wielu zalet, trudno wykorzystać je w zespołach skladających się z deweloperów pracujących z różnych miejsc na świecie. 590 more words


Integration of Git and Visual Studio - Analyze commit objects

In previous blog post, we learned how to create a git repository and commit first using Visual Studio and then achieve the equivalent of same using the native git commands. 606 more words


How to get Git information in Java Application

In this post, we are going to see how to get the GIT information in a Java application.

To do that, we have to use the maven-git-commit-id-plugin plugin. 352 more words


GIT: fork a new repository from a tag

Create a new repo from a tag in order to start coding.

$ git remote add horus_remote git@bitbucket.org:luan_vominh/edx-platform-gingko.git
$ git fetch horus_remote
$ git add --all
$ git push -u horus_remote master tags/open-release/ginkgo.1… 65 more words


One of the essential tools for web developers is Git and Github. Well what is it? Git is source code management and version control software. At it’s basis, it allows you to keep track of the changes to your code. 1,496 more words