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Git adalah tools yang berfungsi sebagai Version Control System (VCS). Dari namanya Version Control System (VCS) berfungsi untuk mengontrol versi pada project yang sedang kita kerjakan. 471 more words


Interactive Rebase with SourceTree - via: Atlassian Blogs

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SourceTree is the middleman between you and Git, making it really easy to change your commit history through a simple user interface. You can drag and drop commits to reorder them or squash them, you can delete commits, reword the commit messages, edit them, or just leave them be.

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SuKaFrE - Can't Take It No More

Git & Mr. Live, a name i haven’t heard since the Bobbito & Stretch days, form this group. A real nice surprise to hear Live still around and still sounding dope as ever. 11 more words

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Git pull : Ignoring local changes

When you are in a situation to initiate git to a directory which is already developed and you need to pull changes from the remote ignoring local changes, you will not be allowed to use: 67 more words

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configure SourceTree to perform git rebase by default

There is a great description for Windows users at: the urban canuk, eh: Configure SourceTree to Rebase by default

Note that this is a global setting for git (which you can override each time you do a pull). 52 more words


How to create repository in Github?

In the previous post, I had mentioned about what git and github really is. Now, the journey and functionalities of Github begins from here. As I already mentioned, Git is a distributed version control system, thus, all the changes are first made to local repositories and then pushed to central repository. 758 more words