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आदमी को मरते समय गीता सुनाने में कोई सार तत्व है या यह क्रियाकांड है?

आदमी को मरते समय गीता सुनाने में कोई सार तत्व है या यह क्रियाकांड है?
आखिरी सवाल :
अक्सर हिंदुओं में वृद्धजनों को उनके मरणकाल में गीता सुनाई जाती है। क्या यह महज क्रियाकांड है अथवा इसमें कुछ तत्व है?

Chapter 1 - Symptoms of a despondent mind – Arjuna Vishada Yoga

Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 1

The first chapter is all about setting the stage to understand the types of problems we will be dealing with in the entire book. 782 more words

Bhagavad Gita

Book Review: Yama by Kevin Missal

Book: Yama

Author: Kevin Missal 

Publisher: Half Baked Beans 

Genre: ‘Dead’-ly thriller

In One Line: Kill the sinned to purify with society and not be called a sinner. 768 more words

Book Reviews

Changes afoot in the laan

The new 7de laan that was unveiled recently and that gave rise to many changes. This included the rebranding of the popular opening scenes.

What was not expected was the sudden departure of many familiar actors who have been part of the show for some time: 318 more words

South Africa

Go to the depths of right understanding about pain and pleasure

Today I will start with the 14th verse 2nd chapter of Bhagavad Gita.

maatraa-sparshaastu kounteya sheetoshna-sukha-duhkhadaah |
aagamaa-paayino’nityaah tans-titikshasva bhaaratha II 

‘Oh son of Kunti through the contact of the senses with the objects there results heat and cold which in turn give rise to pleasure and pain and these have a beginning and an end.

1,420 more words

Can you let go of what you love the most?

There are numerous articles on this matter by more renowned, knowledgeable and erudite writers than me and I don’t intend to be a preacher. I’m writing this to reflect, share and get opinion too on my line of thought. 985 more words