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What's your Happiness Quotient?

What makes us happy in life? What decides how happy we will be in the future? Is it money? Success? Relationships? 870 more words

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Bhagavad Gita - The Essence of Vedas and Upanishads

Vedas are considered the ultimate source of knowledge in sanathana dharma. Vedas contains eternal knowledge of God ,which he manifested at the time creation. Vedas are first taught to Lord Brahma and then on passed orally from master to student for thousands of years. 183 more words

The following nine modes of worship (Navavidha Bhakti) will develop Bhakti:
– Sravana (hearing the Lilas of God);
– Kirtana (singing His praise);
– Smarana (remembering His Name); …

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EP Review: Work With Me - Workerz

Work with Me EP is the third release within a year from French producer  Jean-Patrick Simonetti, better known as WORKERZ.

Released late last month Simonetti, who formerly made one half of experimental dance group Les Petits Pilous, cleverly give Detroit-style (and almost tribal) club bangers that bold, hip-hop attitude with the help from (and well executed) by rappers  Gita and Adian Coker. 35 more words


`Liberation` is the Common Goal of Buddhism and Advaita

Adi Sankara (and later Vivekananda) both faced a similar situations in life…

While Vedanta (Upanishads) discarded all else than Brahman as dead-weight (Avidya – Nesience), it was too abstract a concept for the bulk to understand or absorb. 1,078 more words


The Song of the Lord

Whatever has happened, has happened just fine.
What is happening, is happening just fine.
Whatever is to happen, will happen just fine…

What possession have you lost, that you cry for? 82 more words