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The Land of Agastya. Part-2: The Southern Sage.

The Cosmic sound dwells in two levels, the manifest and un-manifest. The creation arises from the un-manifest.

Agastya arises during the time of crisis. He does not interfere with the cosmic law nor its evolutionary activities. 819 more words

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My Secret for inner peace

One of the frequent questioned I have faced from both medical and non medical people  is – How do you deal with sickness and death on a regular basis. 631 more words


The exclusive supremacy of Viṣṇu in the Vedas

The exclusive supremacy of Viṣṇu in the Vedas

The declaration of Bhāllaveya Śruti – “नामानि विश्वाऽभि न सन्ति लोके यदाविरासीदनृतस्य सर्वम् । नामानि सर्वाणि यमाविशन्ति तं वै विष्णुं परममुदाहरन्ति ।“ or “nāmāni viśvā’bhi na santi loke yadāvirāsīdanṛtasya sarvam / nāmāni sarvāṇi yamāviśanti taṁ vai viṣṇuṁ paramamudāharanti //‘’ – clarifies the Vedic usage of all non-Viṣṇu nouns and their primary + secondary imports. 803 more words

Philosophical Analysis

ভগবান অপ্রাপ্ত বস্তুর বাহক ও প্রাপ্ত বস্তুর সংরক্ষক

অনন্যচিত্তে আমার চিন্তায় মগ্ন হয়ে, পরিপূর্ণ ভক্তি সহকারে যাঁরা সর্বদাই আমার উপাসনা করেন, তাঁদের সমস্ত অপ্রাপ্ত বস্তু আমি বহন করি এবং তাঁদের প্রাপ্ত বস্তুর সংরক্ষণ করি।

শ্রীকৃষ্ণ, শ্রীমদ্ভগবদ্গীতা, ৯/২২


Bhagavad Gita

येsप्यन्य्देवता भक्ता यजन्ते श्रध्द्याsन्विताः |

तेsपि मामेव  कौन्तेय यजन्त्यविधिपूर्वकम ||

Chapter 9 Verse 23

Even those devotees who, endowed with Sraddha, worship other Gods, worship me alone, O son of Kunti, by the wrong method.

A day in San Benedetto Monastery

A nice day trip destination from Rome is the Monastery of St. Benedict (Monastero di San Benedetto in Italian) in the Subiaco municipality. As you get there in about one hour by car, it’s perfect for the weed end – even in winter time as far as is a sunny day that allows you to enjoy the scenery. 100 more words


Ripuliamo il Piave

Sabato, io e Alice accompagnate dal nonno, dai cagnoloni Leila e Dobro abbiamo fatto il nostro consueto giro al Piave in missione pulizia! Partiamo a piedi e col passeggino dai campi dietro casa, prima costeggiando il bosco e poi attraversandolo per arrivare finalmente sulle rive del fiume! 286 more words