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वर्णसंकर हैं पाकिस्तानी इसलिए हो गए हैं कुलघाती ! गीता के अनुसार पाकिस्तान का अन्त निश्चित है !

बचपन में गीता में एक चीज पढी थी आज उसे प्रत्यक्ष देख रहा हूँ तो समझ आया है  – वर्णसंकर कैसे कुलघाती होता है |

Top 5 Apps for Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is the longest known epic poem and has been described as “the longest poem ever written”. Its longest version consists of over 100000 shloka or over 200000 individual verse lines (each shloka is a couplet), and long prose passages. 206 more words

Lessons from the little finger

In every class there is something that stays in my head as a signpost, be it an action or a statement. Friday classes are a favourite with our teacher exhorting us to observe the effects of certain actions in one location in the body on other areas, on the breath and the mind. 272 more words


Doing Kriya by reading books!

It was 2010-11, I guess, when a person from Bhandup, Mumbai called me for books – Purana Purusha, Who is this Shamachurn etc. I forgot his name, possibly some Bhosale,a Maharashtrian. 350 more words

Kriya Yoga

If Gita is 'Gyan Vigyan Sahitam', then where is the formula?

In Gita itself it is written that ‘gyan vigyan sahitam’ i.e. Gita is knowledge and science. This has been pointed out by noted… 346 more words

Kriya Yoga

All miracles are Prana-science only!

Miracle is daily part of life of a yogi. They experience it initially and then when reach in advanced/exalted Prana state they can perform miracles. These miracles are not normally what is experienced by an individual. 279 more words

Kriya Yoga

When mind is one, path is one. When mind becomes many, paths are many.

First let us know, what is ‘mind is one’ . When kineticism of mind ceases, that is, Prana vibration at Anahata Chakra (the source from where mind is born-  421 more words

Kriya Yoga