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The Song Celestial or Bhagavad Gita

The “Song Celestial” or Bhagavad-Gita by Sir Edwin Arnold is one of the best translation of the Bhagavad Gita. Although it might be little difficult to understand but after a while you get into the language and begin to understand. 52 more words


What are the hardest things to do in life?

                                                      The toughest thing to do in life:

Conquering our own Mind (“मन”):

Mind is very fickle(चंचल) and unstable in nature. Our mind is the generator of all kind of emotions, some of them are positive and some are negative.

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Mystery of desire

There are several clichés about desires, action and results.  In the Bhagwad Gita (7:11), Krishna tells Arjuna, “I (the Lord) am in the form of desire which is unopposed to Dharma, universal ethical values.”  The Gita in keeping with the philosophical tradition of India, looks upon desire as a privilege given to us, and not something that one has to eliminate.  579 more words




By Kamlesh Tripathi

Long time ago, in a far away kingdom lived a king. He wanted to know about the complete history of mankind beginning from the birth of the first man till the present day man. 732 more words

Ending the habit of duality – Part III

World of thoughts to witnessing awareness

We saw in Part II that sensations are only idea of sensations. That is, we never know what sensation is apart from its idea. 975 more words

4.Integration (Sravana, Manana & Niddhidhyasana)

5 Yoga Books to Stretch Your Mind 

​ As yogis, we are constantly expanding our bodies as well as our minds. Constantly learning and educating ourselves as much as we can, whether by trainings, classes, or by picking up a book. 830 more words