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Terima kasih, Mr. Sonjaya!

Ok, mungkin tulisan kali ini cenderung narsis. Tapi salahkan Mr. Sonjaya yang membuat lagu memakai nama gue #EH. Jadi nggak salah dong kalau gue merasa lagu ini ‘dekat’ secara personal dengan gue? 184 more words

Musik & Lirik

How to handle unsolicited body advice

If you have been working out, it’s common that you’ll receive a lot of (unsolicited) feedback from people. It is often referred to as ‘body-shaming’  by some (which I think is an utterly nonsensical term). 749 more words


The Gita For Children (भगवद गीता) by Roopa Pai, Review by Abeer

An awesome book that tells us all about the sense that Krishna talked into Arjun…right in the middle of a battle (which I admit was not a very good time to start a conversation that long). 69 more words

Book Reviews

Chapter 2; Verse 11

The battle of Mahabharata or the Kurukshetra War, brothers were fighting against each other. On the first day of the war, as the two armies stood facing each other Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, had put down his weapons and asked mighty Krishṇa, who was also his charioteer, how could he fight against his own family and kill them. 53 more words

30 Days Of Gita Lettering

Bhagavad Gita; meaning of life, enlightment

The sun belongs to the whole world, it perhaps doesn’t shine on everyone at the same time, but everybody gets its turn.

Find God in the practice of our daily world. 246 more words

Bhagavad Gita - Getting Started

The Bhagavad Gita can be broadly divided into three sections or padas. The three padas can be further divided into five sub-sections as shown in the chart below: 66 more words

At A Glance

If you are the one who is doing the Karma, you would always be the one who would worry about the results of Karma.

Anyone who says that Krishna has said that, act and don’t think of the results, don’t worry about the results, does not understand Krishna. He is saying, “Let action happen, … 332 more words