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Cinta dan Rahasia

Mencintai itu tidak hanya bersiap akan datangnya kebahagiaan, tetapi juga harus bersiap untuk terluka. Terluka ketika orang yang kita cintai memilih orang lain. 894 more words

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Vibration: The Cause of Our Existence and its connection with Vedic Philosophy (Part-II)

-Dr. Raj Kumar

(continued from part-I)

The ancient Vedic text also provides ideas about this concept. According to Veda, the entire universe is a manifestation of… 1,215 more words



When meditation is mastered,

the mind is unwavering

like the flame

of a lamp in a windless place.

Lord Krishna


The Splendid Reminiscences

July 19, 2017
Sharwan 04, 2074

“Thank you so much for coming, one as a friend and second as a teacher.”
It was July 18, 2017 (Sharwan 03, 2074), I was standing in the door of examination hall and giving little attention towards students and more towards outer environments. 740 more words


Attitudes & behaviors to cultivate Sattva guna

Harih Om!

One of the unique features of Bhagavad Gita among other moksha shastras such as Upanishads, is that it deals extensively with the sadhanas for moksha in addition to the subject of moksha itself. 463 more words


Bijoya Dashami versus Dussehra

On the day of the Bisorjon I get loads of happy Dussehra greetings. Bisorjon is a sad time and the Bijoya Sammilani a way of huddling together with friends and family to celebrate the aftermath of an exhausting festivity. 1,734 more words