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Resetting Changes with Git

One of the commands I use frequently besides git commit is git reset. If you are working on a project and screw something up – whether you were trying to write a new function or refactor your code, you can always use this command to reset your work back to any previous commit in your history.   295 more words


Berkeley Db Extension Library

Recent times I got an opportunity to explore one of the open source technologies “Berkeley Db”. At work we would like to increase application performance by pre-computing and caching common data. 646 more words


Git & GitHub : An Introduction ( and Resource Links )

I recently took a session on Git and GitHub ( basics ) at a weekend meetup session of Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu. It was the first technical session that i took, learnt a lot ! 2,690 more words


Creating your own static Web Site on GitHub

Today, we are going to see how to host a simple web site on git hub. For this all we are going to need is a github account and a git client. 375 more words


Delphi Dev.Shell Tools, WDCC, Delphi Preview Handler moved to Github

I just moved more projects from Code Google to GitHub


Deleting Old Github Repos

The Purge

Today I did something I did not think I would ever do. I went through my Github account and deleted around 20 old repositories. 245 more words


Github Miscellaneous

Scenario 1: I updated a library with cocoapod, everything works beautiful, and I checked in all the changes. My teammates pulled these updates, but not able to build because of missing workspace. 64 more words