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Migrating from Songbird/Nightingale to iTunes

TL;DR; If you still use Songbird or Nightingale and want to migrate your music database to iTunes, start reading here.

Bye-bye Songbird, bye-bye Nightingale… 703 more words

Software Applications

Git, GitHub, and RStudio - Part 3: Remote repositories

The last post covered details on how to install Git.

In this post we will introduce GitHub and show how to use RStudio together with Git and GitHub. 1,667 more words


Git, GitHub, and RStudio - Part 1: Version Control

At the first MURUG meeting of 2015, Ellen gave a great presentation on the many virtues of using the version control and code sharing software packages: Git and GitHub. 1,145 more words


MineWarn Downloads

Official Releases: 

MineWarn v1.02: http://bit.ly/1BkTjsW

MineWarn v1.12: http://bit.ly/1KiroyK 

MineWarn v1.13: http://bit.ly/1RizKKP

Our GitHub Repository

Here is the link to our GitHub repository for the MineWarn plugin: https://www.github.com/swiftlee/MineWarn

Our GitHub Pages Site:  http://swiftlee.github.io/MineWarn

Stockholm Xamarin User Group Meetup 2015-05-20

SignalR and ModernHttpClient

As I posted before we had a Meetup last Wednesday and I promised to add my slides and demos after the Meetup. … 114 more words


DigitalOcean, Visual Studio, Putty

I managed to solve two annoying problems today:

1. .ntvs_analysis.dat, created by Visual Studio when building a Node.JS project, was being checked-in to my private repository at GitHub. 360 more words