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Reproducible Workflow: The Movie

This is a great little You Tube video on reproducibility.  1 minute and 44 seconds.  Money back guarantee if you aren’t glad you checked it out.  To see it, click here.

#Hololens - #Holotoolkik, amazing set of assets to create #Unity3D apps for Hololens


Today I change 2D for 3D dev and Visual Studio 2015 / UWP by Unity. When you start working with Unity3D and Hololens, you should know about… 165 more words


OLIMEX KiCAD components libraries are uploaded on GitHub

We uploaded all our KiCAD libraries on GitHub and going to maintain them there.

Why we do this?  Because many beginners who download our OSHW boards are confused by the messages from KiCAD for missing libraries :) this is easy to solve by adding RELATIVE paths to search the libraries as  we always provide the library cache with the boards, i.e. 298 more words


Facebook is scrambling to catch up to Google in open-sourcing AI code

In artificial intelligence research, free code garners goodwill from the community, talent, and bragging rights. So it’s no surprise that many of the companies investing in AI, like Facebook and Google, are racing to make their code open source early and often. 795 more words

50 Awesome Tools and Resources for Web Developers


Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio is a powerful drag and drop builder for the Bootstrap framework. It has a rich library of components and tools for making responsive layouts. 1,984 more words


#Hololens - #HoloToolKit, imprescindible colección de Assets para crear Hololens Apps

Hola !

Hoy cambio el 2D por el 3D y Visual Studio 2015 y UWP por Unity. Y claro, cuando comienzas a trabajar con Unity3D para Hololens, una de las cosas que debes conocer es HoloToolkit… 165 more words


This Is How I Glyph - Split Connectors At Their Intersection

Pointwise was exhibiting at AIAA’s Propulsion & Energy conference this past summer in Salt Lake City, UT when one of our users visited our booth at the conference with a question about how they could split two intersecting connectors at their point of intersection.  333 more words