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Copper Interpreter Published!

Finally the code-base for the first Copper language interpreter has been published on Github! 432 more words


iOS: App Configuration Samples for BlackBerry Dynamics Apps

Hello enterprise app developers!

We are excited to announce that we have posted new iOS samples in our BlackBerry GitHub repository. These samples demonstrate how to develop and implement the Application Specific Policy for your BlackBerry Dynamics apps, following the existing… 214 more words


Download Url S //Github Com/Downloads/Pclewis/Mcpatcher/Mcpatcher 2 1 0 02 Jar

Download url s //github com/downloads/pclewis/mcpatcher/mcpatcher 2 1 0 02 jar

sayoMOD’s ※MODは専用フォーラムに移設 Minecraft (ChickenChunks. 1.jar) (GrimoireOfGaia2 Gear not showing on my character with Optifine mcpatcher/ctm/default/0_glass_white orgscala-langscala-xml_scala-xml_-.jar;C: Minecraft.jar und 1.0.jar löschen //github/pclewis/mcpatcher/downloads 3. 193 more words

Integrating Omniauth for Github


A good news for you! Our Github Editor is on its  way! In Today’s post, I am going to discuss integrating omniauth for Github using Devise gem in Ruby On Rails. 659 more words

Azure XPlat CLI to Azure CLI 2.0 commands

azure-cli/azure2az_commands.rst at master · Azure/azure-cli

Azure XPlat CLI to Azure CLI 2.0 commands
Below is a list of common Azure XPlat commands and their Azure CLI 2.0 equivalent. 2,616 more words

Using External datastore (DB) with github Enterprise


Github Enterprise does not allow for the use of an external database. 113 more words


Ansible playbook and roles to install #kubernetes with nuage (version 1.5)

Provide an Ansible playbook that implements the steps described in Installing Kubernetes on Linux with kubeadm for version 1.5 (check at the bottom of the kubeadm tutorial). 593 more words