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Zingle: An alert for your iOS app!

Zingle. I named it as I have created this component on the Christmas week (2017). I haven’t write about it before as I wanted to see how much people will like it? 32 more words


A perfect tab bar for your next iOS app!

Have you checkedĀ HHTabBarView? Yes, it’s created by me for one of my app and I have published it on Github to get reviews and enhancements from the fellow developers and to make a tab bar experience as easy as possible. 62 more words


Excel to SQL: zero-cost alternative to SSIS


You have an excel file with multiple lists. You want to upload data from every orĀ  just one single list to Microsoft SQL Server. You want to keep multiple version of uploaded data. 200 more words


Options Menu for your next iOS app!

Do you ever need an easy-peasy floating view option button which will show up multiple options for your app and it will be really easy to handle the various options and do the things as you want? 8 more words


Updating a fork - How to

How to keep a fork up-to-date?

  1. cd into your repo (clone it if you have not yet)

  2. git remote add upstream git://github.com/<ORIGINAL-REPO-NAME>.git

  3. git fetch upstream…

  4. 8 more words