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Scikit-Learn is a Great Resource.

I have been working with Scikit-Learn and wanted to share with you guys some code I have written and shared through my github. ipython and github allow me to organised my code and outputs onto to single page, I created an  15 more words

Tracking Competitors

How are you tracking your competitors in Salesforce? Are you? If you aren’t you need to, not you should, you must. If you already are tracking competitors by opportunity, is it working for you? 766 more words


Cisco Thor: a Royalty Free Video Codec

Jonathan Rosenberg recently posted on Cisco Blog for the release of the project Thor codec to the community some weeks ago (link to Thor project… 426 more words


Tamil morphological analyzer efforts on Github

Today after a long workday, and running 2miles to stay healthy, I checked out some of latest Tamil happenings on Github. Indeed there are 43 paginated results for github.com search for ‘Tamil’ projects – about 430 projects to do with Tamil. 68 more words


How to cancel a local git commit


Just use git reset without the --hard flag:

git reset HEAD~1

PS: On Unix based systems you can use HEAD^ which is equal to… 31 more words



Internacional – An abandoned attempt at supporting multi-language content on a single WordPress site

visit GitHub


Git: Helpful git commands

To merge a remote branch with main develop branch run a git merge (Be sure to checkout to develop and pull for latest first)

Saulabiu Akinlolu@TEST /cygdrive/c/devtools/workspaces/main… 205 more words