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Akka http with json4s

Akka Http uses the spray-json library for JSON support. But a few days back while working on a project which was using the json4s library for marshalling/unmarshalling, I got stuck during parsing of JSON request and extracting that parsed values into my target Scala data model. 209 more words


Find outdated Azure ARM QuickStart Templates on GitHub

In my previous post Determine latest API version for a resource provider I showed you how to retrieve the latest API version for a specific resource provider using the… 670 more words


Creating a Remote github react.js repository

First,create-react-app click-game in a folder on your computer. Then go to github and create a new empty repository with the same name, then right after you create it, github takes you to a quick set-up page and you follow the directions for “push an existing repository from command line”. 23 more words

Who is a better World Cup predictor? AI or Achilles?

June has been a busy month in tech …

Microsoft purchased GitHub for $7.5Bn; GitHub commits to open source projects in all fields but  231 more words


Related Records Analyzer for XrmToolBox


Query the entity relationship behavior settings and analyze what child records will be affected with delete/assign/share/reparent of the parent record.