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a16z Podcast: Embracing Sales and Selling to Developers

Companies founded by a group of engineers often have a deep-seated mistrust of sales — or more precisely, salespeople. That was the case at GitHub, says CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath: It wasn’t until their customers started… 63 more words

On Contributing to Open-Source Software Projects

If you’re considering contributing some code to a project on GitHub in order to enhance your public profile as a developer, do yourself a favor and don’t choose something that involves non-trivial regular expressions for validating international currencies. 468 more words


Git - Its too easy

Git , I got afraid by this word, but finally now I have understood its not that much diffcult as it is . Today we discuss how to make  a repository or what you call a directory in git. 264 more words


WordCamp Tokyo 2014 Design Team's Showcase Site on GitHub

WordCamp Tokyo 2014 had a very creative and local-friendly website, custom Wamepuu logo, and various swags and branding materials — thanks to the awesome design team. 129 more words


Setup Eclipse to start developing in Spark Scala

I suggest basically two ways to get started to develop Spark in Scala, both with Eclipse: one is to download from the site scala-ide.org the full pre-configured Eclipse which already includes the Scala IDE; another one consists in updating your existing Eclipse adding the Scala plugin (detailed instructions below). 378 more words


In the past few years I have written various algorithms using a mix of SPSS syntax, R and Python code (SPSS can call R and Python directly from within a syntax file, allowing some flexibility).

82 more words