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water cycle

dancing in the rain on an

empty street

puddles in the grass like

the earth’s tears

weeping for joy

sun a glowing

eye behind the clouds… 39 more words


Give and Take Free Day

On Friday, Monday, and Tuesday Give and Take, under the direction of SWATT, hosted a Free Day.

Give and Take has always been a great blessing to new and current students, and even the community. 265 more words


The butterfly gets nectar from the flower, and as it moves from blossom to blossom, it pollinates the flower in return.  In the same manner, we need to give and take in equal amounts.   24 more words


The Art - and Pain - of Compromise

An eloquent man of whom I’m a pretty big fan once said, “No democracy works without compromise.” When he said it, he was referring to American politics – a touchy subject that I’m not going to touch in this post with a 30-foot steel rod. 1,448 more words

Life As I Know It

June 14, 2017

Items in italics are direct quotes from the articles below


Americans are famous for using filler words like “um”, “uh”, “like” and “y’know”. On average, we utter two to three filler words for every 100 words we speak. 677 more words

Too much to take

You craved for cake the other day. I proudly served you a piece with brownie, brioche and all that I bake.

Oh ! Remember the day you whispered about a dream ? 395 more words

Daily Prompt


Justice speaks the truth

Justice is blind
with ears covered
Mercy is shocked
with mouth covered

Justice gives nothing
and takes it all.
Mercy takes nothing… 44 more words