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Vintage Poemas

Aprenda a gostar de você

“Aprenda a gostar de você, a cuidar de você e, principalmente, a gostar de quem também gosta de você… 534 more words


Give and Take~by rldubour

Give and Take

Let’s split the people up in groups, one that gives and one that takes.

The group that gives, stand in front, the others sit in place. 584 more words


The Give and Take of the American Way

From New Eastern Outlook, by Phil Butler

I was in first grade the first time I recall hearing how America was sending aid to millions overseas. 2,203 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Give and take ... actually, all give

We don’t know. You know? Even when we think we know, at best we only think. If we presume to know what God’s up to in the circumstances and situations of life, we’re fooling ourselves. 1,166 more words

Give & Take





在不同的關係當中,人們常常說Give and Take 要balance。



但長大了, 特別是越南一行後,更是覺得所謂幫助別人,自high 的成份很高。有點分不清,到底是誰在幫助誰。當然,還是有實際幫助別人的情況和作用,但我們也不需要把「施予別人」這行為想像得太偉大。

很多時候,我們想像太多,把別人想得太可憐、別自己想得太偉大,或是相反。其實,每個人都在面對自己的困難和問題,we experience life together。

突然想,其實Give & Take 就是物理學中的 Action & Reaction force。當你give 的時候,你也take 了分享、助人的快樂,或是展現能力的機會。當你take 時,你善意的接受,也give 了別人快樂和滿足。Action and reaction, they always come in pairs. 11 more words


First Light

morning hunt
the field awakens
and so the give and take


Relationships are like bank accounts

A relationship is like a bank account. You have to make withdrawals and deposits, to maintain balance. If you only take, and do not give back, soon there will be nothing left.