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Giving. What was the first thing that came to your head when you read the first sentence? Donating? Giving to charity? I wanted to write this post to make you realise how unconsciously we correlate the term giving to money and charity. 331 more words

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Mmm- now doesn’t that look crisp and inviting? Behold- the delicious, sparkling G&T- one of my personal favorites, and oh-so-refreshing. Know what else is refreshing? Success borne out of hard work, dedication and a penchant for kindness. 418 more words


To find
a corner
where you can
hang your hat–
well, yes,
for our kind,
there is much
good in that.

And even,
a steady place… 150 more words


Give and Take

Being friends with someone falls down to two things on whether it will work as a friendship or not, giving and taking. I tend to find I’m a giver. 254 more words


What Healthy Relationships Consist Of

I was single for a very long time before I dived into the dating scene. So it’s safe to say that I was an amateur in comparison to my colleagues and friends. 937 more words


Black or White

When someone thinks they have all the answers, it makes me take a step backwards. Many atrocities have been done in the name of being right. 366 more words


The Lover That Won't Let Me Go

You’re the Lover That Won’t Let Me Go

The maternal instinct is found in almost all animal, birds, and humans. We do whatever is necessary to and provided for and keep our children safe.  367 more words