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Rug Tufting

We finally had a workshop on how to use the rug gun and it was really good fun!

After each trying out the rug gun we had time slots and were able to do whatever we liked. 124 more words

Give And Take

G+T: MM: Experimenting (4)

Last post of today, following on from the Photogram workshop, I wanted to see what it would look like, or at least editing a few of the previous images to see what they may look like, either overlayed further or even if I were to consider adding some colour to it. 204 more words

G+T: MM: Photograms workshop

Above are the first few tests I had tried out, before going on to experiment with some more of the same techniques. 105 more words

G+T: Pitching my three routes

Took me a while to think about how i was going to approach this, but I think that the Photography workshop really helped me to think about this further. 234 more words

G+T: Testing: Photographs (3)

Taking on board, that I wanted the photographs, or at least the images to appear more textural, as both mold and clay have a variety of different textures and sensations to them, I tried to apply this to each photograph I played around with in Photoshop. 139 more words

G+T:M+M: Testing (2)

Following on from the previous testing, and baring mind of the results, I wasn’t particularly pleased with them, to be honest, but it was a focus point that I had to try over again. 175 more words

The Moon Is For Lovers: Your Lunar Intimacy Style

This is Part III of a 3-part series on the moon in relationships. Part I explored why the moon is the most important relationship planet.  986 more words