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What "Type" of relationship do you have?

This subject FASCINATES me to no end.  I’m talking about you and your significant other.  That’s right, because inquiring minds want to know.  I’m continuously amazed at watching my friends’ and family’s relations ship “type” – no, not interpreting their “Love Language” but more so, .. 727 more words


Friendship Scheme

We like to reject the fact that we follow this cold rule since it reveals the dark underbelly of our true nature.

Whether it be physically, spiritually, psychologically, past,  present, or future, this law holds. 644 more words

On Give and Take

– Wouldn’t the world be a better place if “give and take” really occur?

Mahatma Gandhi took of his slipper and threw it so that the person who found his slippers would be having a usable pair instead of only one. 837 more words

Dark Corners

Give and Take~by rldubour

Give and Take

Let’s split the people up in groups, one that gives and one that takes.

The group that gives, stand in front, the others sit in place. 584 more words


Big Summer Trip 2016

These book cover illustrations were done for the Big Summer Trip, an annual project that supports HIV/AIDS children in Vietnam through activities and fundraising events. 64 more words


All's Fair in Love and Splitsville

We bought our groceries at the Piggly Wiggly
And at home together we’d put them away.
We’d kiss and hug and get all giggly,
Never thinking at all we’d change one day. 131 more words


Give and Take 

“I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. (Genesis 17:1 NIV)

This is your give to God: to continually walk with God, to journey forward with Him and hold nothing back. 364 more words

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