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Season XI, Episode 3: Give and Take

Heath and Angela are joined by Tim (who kindly filled in as Shane was sick with space mumps) and Gareth as everyone gives their take on “Give and Take,” episode 3 of Season XI. 83 more words

Red Dwarf

Give and take and take and take

I’ve always enjoyed reading books and listening to talks that are research heavy.

And for this reason, Adam Grant is one of my favorite psychologists to listen to/read from. 207 more words


Give and Take~by rldubour

Give and Take

Let’s split the people up in groups, one that gives and one that takes.

The group that gives, stand in front, the others sit in place. 584 more words



People are very quick to blame others for their unhappiness. Whether it’s a job, family or their relationship they just need someone to blame. Not everything a person does will make you happy, we do things to survive. 228 more words



جن کے خلوص پے بہت مان تھا مجھے

پھر یوں ہوا کہ انکی ضرورتیں بدل گیں


Love is not a victory march

Christmas. So much of it is about giving and receiving. Essentially, in the best case scenario: About loving and being loved. And all the joy, risks, confusion, and pain that comes with that. 143 more words

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YOLY Challenge #26: Give and You Shall Receive

“We are here to learn with one another, through one another and for one another. If you feed the garden, you will be fed.” – Goswami Kriyananda… 235 more words

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