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When People Don't Reciprocate

I find that the Lord is always teaching us. If we posture ourselves with an open heart and a listening ear, we discover that our everyday life is his classroom. 814 more words

The Week by the Pictures

Monday was a day of fear followed by relief.

Tuesday was a day of sweatpants and a messy highbun paired with tender love and care. … 121 more words

Offers Received

in the absence of colors
an abundance of details
seasons give and take


Getting the Delicate Balance between Giving and Taking Right

Shoshana was furious that her boyfriend seemed to be much more giving to his friends than to her. Her boyfriend Moshe bought his friends tickets to the football, and often bought his friends gifts. 356 more words

Healthy Relationships

Day 1106: Jaw Dropping Rare Photos of Amazing Things in Real Life

The jaw dropping rare title of this post mimics “click-bait” language I saw yesterday, online. For me, language like that might invite a click in real life, but here’s the amazing thing: I immediately forget about it. 92 more words

Personal Growth

I give you my world, and you take it without so much as a “thank you.”

Because sometimes, the hardest part is realizing that you can’t always expect others to be looking out for your happiness.

view the other person as someone who needs to prove that they are good enough to gain your trust. 144 more words

About Love

Give and Give More 

Give and take.

That’s a big part of what life is.

But don’t be surprised when it takes more than it gives and you’ve run out of stuff to give. 32 more words