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Hôm nay bạn nhận và cho điều gì tốt đẹp?

“Not every day is a good day. But there is something good in every day”

Hôm nay, anh phục vụ quán cà phê tự động đến và đặt dưới ly nước của mình mẩu khăn giấy chỉ vì anh thấy đá tan ra có thể ướt giấy của mình.

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After a long morning, I was finally ready to try out some ideas I had in my head for the main project for BROAD. 219 more words

Broad: Initial experimentation, pt2

Taking these images a bit further, I tried to consider the change in colours with it. I decided that my first approach with colour would be through primary colours, and green only, in consideration of the Riso printer. 266 more words

Walk The Line - Poster Mock Up

I printed off my image I’m going to use for my poster and wrote over it to look how I want it to.

Super rough idea but I’m hoping to screenprint these within the next week.

BROAD: Initial ideas, experimentation, pt1

I decided to start looking at some of my original illustration ideas that were the first, drafts of the ideas for the gif animations with in the Walk the line project. 437 more words

BROAD: Monoprinting workshop

Splitting up in to scheduled groups, we had our first workshop of this term– Monoprint!

I was pretty happy to be doing this workshop again, I was planning on trying out this method of print for my FMP, so it gave me a good opportunity to start thinking about what methods I could try out for that and see how I could tie my FMP in with this project. 148 more words

BROAD: Layout and Publications, Research pt3.

Another new post, I decided that I wanted to look more in to how layouts and publications can be presented, and to start thinking about how I might want my content to be presented. 334 more words