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5 Ways We Can Show Our Supporters We Love Them

There are many lists about how our supporters can love us (it’s horrible that someone needs a guide on how to do this, but anyways) but I know from my own experience it can often feel like a one-way street with one always giving and the other always taking. 362 more words

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A Little Give And Take

I’ve been listening to Casting Crowns lately….a lot. There is a song called “Praise You In This Storm” which is quite moving in both lyric and delivery. 311 more words


Cycles Of Reciprocity

Reciprocity dictates that to whoever is given, also gives. Wikipedia defines it as responding to a positive action with another positive action. Therefore, it stands to reason that as God gives to us, we are also to give. 391 more words


The Ripple Effect

Generosity is contagious!  One of the intriguing books I spotted in an airport last year is entitled Give and Take.  What the author suggests is that there are three types of people: Givers, Takers and Matchers.   510 more words


It’s really difficult to accept graciously.  Anything. Receiving is a tricky one.  Giving, no problem.  In fact no, scratch that, it can be a problem without boundary, but let’s focus on the receiving bit for a minute. 204 more words

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Reflecting on Reflection: On Love and Naikan Meditation

Naikan meditation, sometimes called the Japanese art of self-reflection, is the practice of reflecting, often in writing, on the following three questions:

What have I received from _____?

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