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Give and Take

Being friends with someone falls down to two things on whether it will work as a friendship or not, giving and taking. I tend to find I’m a giver. 254 more words


What Healthy Relationships Consist Of

I was single for a very long time before I dived into the dating scene. So it’s safe to say that I was an amateur in comparison to my colleagues and friends. 937 more words


"Giving" and "Taking"

The concept of “give” and “take” is perhaps the  corner stone of any good relationship and even more important within a polyamorus one.

It is often hard to not jump to unfounded conclusions or play out worst case scenarios in our heads that breath life into our own personal green eyed monsters and demons. 152 more words


The Importance Of Having Someone "Earn" You by Bella Bardot

I have been guilty of idolizing certain people. Because of my many life experiences and my high comfort level in dealing with other human beings and multiple personalities, I have a pretty strong sense of perception. 540 more words


Give and Take (A Beggar's Soliloquy)

Give and take, that’s what they do

For so long, I’ve been so empty

People come and go to me

They give me food, they give me mercy… 239 more words


Monday Musings: Give and Take, Push and Pull a.k.a. The Art of Collaboration

Collaborative writing is a fascinating thing. I’ve never been really involved with it before the past few months, but I’ve always wanted to try it. Obviously when I was given the opportunity, I jumped at the chance. 256 more words


#FromHeliosToHollywood #Podcast S01E04 - The One With @EmilyCyrAuthor


HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  This morning we have a bonus episode for your listening pleasure.  This was originally scheduled to go up a week ago, but thanks to all sorts of technical difficulties, it was hung up, but it’s totally worth the wait!   435 more words